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    I cringe a bit as I place this thread. Please, I am looking only for constructive advice and hope that something might be accomplished with it. My work area is Whites Creek hub, Nashville, TN where Ive been for 13 years. During this time my jobs have been pre-loader, charger, car-washer, a air driver since 94 and a PT vacation cover driver since 1999. My goal has always been to support my family. I have always worked full time hours (40-50) since 94. My problem is this, during this entire year I have been kicked back to the hub and now take home $225 a week. Upper management has moved 1/3 of the feeder dept to Knoxville, Memphis, Atlanta, etc. My prospects for working OT during Christmas are even bleak. I estimate that new full time positions are at least 5 years off and there are still people above me with a year more seniority wanting jobs. If you drive 30 miles south to the Franklin hub, they can go FT driver in 2 years. Their feeders can bid into Whites Creek as can all the surrounding hubs, but we can't bid to those hubs. I want to stay at UPS, I enjoy working here. Outside of quitting, what are my options? How can I get transferred to Franklin? I understand that the company puts profit first and I am not expecting otherwise. I do feel that letting other hubs bid in is unfair and lowers employee morale. Both the union and the company have been no help on this matter, I regret to say. Is it reasonable to expect to go full time after 13 years? Are there other hubs with this kind of wait? Please help me with some suggestions.


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    I used to work at the Whites Creek Hub. I transfered to the Clarksville Hub which is 30 minutes northwest of you. It takes 4-6 years to start cover driving. I heard that the Franklin Center and Massman Hub there in Nashville are about the same...give or take but at least you have combo jobs in those three places. I, also, think it's unfare that a feeder can bid into other centers or hubs. You can't transfer to Franklin, or anywhere else, unless it is college related. I can't believe that you won't be working overtime during peak. When I was there I averaged 6,7 hours a day for almost all of December. I worked in smalls though and I don't know if Fed Ex has taken away some of the business since then or what but I did get plenty of OT when I was there. I don't have near the ammount of time in with UPS as you do but I do know how you feel working there. It seems like you have to wait an eternity to go full time there and it's frustrating that other centers and hubs around you can advance in half, or less than half, of the time that you have to wait and it's even more frustrating knowing that people from those other places can bid into feeder jobs in your hub. All that, plus wanting to work closer to school, was why I transfered to Clarksville. How long does it take to get a combo job there now? We don't even have those here.
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    13 years is probably an average wait in the large facilities across the country to go from PT to FT.

    The reason you won't get OT is that we don't have the packages. UPS announced last week that volume will be down by at least 1% this peak compared to last. It is the economy.

    Hang in will get your turn.
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    Hold on tight, the baby boomers are starting to retire which will open up the list.
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    >The reason you won't get OT is that we don't >have the packages. UPS announced last week that >volume will be down by at least 1% this peak >compared to last. It is the economy.

    I wonder how much of it has to do with FDX
    ground taking away volume too...???
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    gsx - I am hearing the FedEx is taking ground volume, but I don't see it.

    trouble - you are correct, retirements will open up the bid list, but with a lack of volume, will we need to replace them immediately?
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    They will hold off replaceing them for a few months. When vacations and other things start to come up they will run; not walk to replace them.

    It started in my building about two years ago with tranfers and retirements. I've seen preload's wait 9 months then put in for full time, and the next week are in "school".
    Air drivers aren't last a year any more the list is moving so fast.