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  1. Fairly new to UPS, not all that new though. Started last peak season. Been on preload most of the Time since then, switched to local sort about 2 Weeks ago due to conflicting Work schedules.

    Is this last FriDay, I hurt My Back loading one of the trailers(this was the first Day I scanned and loaded, been only stacking the trailers the last couple Weeks). I Thought nothing of it really, Thought I was just sore as I occasionally Get. When it was hard for Me to lay down FriDay Night, then SaturDay Night, then SunDay, I Started to Get Concerned.

    MonDay I called in, went to the E.R. (as My benefits haven't kicked in yet and I don't Have a primary Care) and was Told I tore ligaments in My Back and there was a strain. Was Told I Should Be Okay to Go back to Work by the 15th(ToDay).

    TuesDay, before My shift, I took in My doctor's note(as I Would have with any other Job) to make sure I was covered for those Days. I had to Wait around for a bit for My direct supervisor to call the center supervisor on the phone, where I was then questioned why I didn't report it right away. I Explained that while I was hurting, I didn't Know that I was actually injured at the Time. At that point, she Explained to Me that all on the Job injuries should Be turned in by them within 24 Hours. She Asked Me specifically "are you reporting this as an on the job injury". I said "well this Is where it happened, but if the doctor Said I should Be fine by Thursday I'll just Get Back to Work(which Is Honestly all that I Want, this Is a lot of hassle).

    My issue now Is, that I'm Still hurting, and I'm Supposed to Be at Work this evening. Now if I Go in, hurt MySelf worse, or can't Perform as well as usual, what happens from there?

    What should I Do?

    (Take note that My attendance record Is pretty bad, missed a lot of preload Days, due to that conflicting Work schedule, and it really doesn't Look too good)
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    First off, change your username name.
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    So, did you report it as an injury, or not? Believe I've read here before, that laws give you a while to report it(28 or 30 days). Contact ups and tell them that you are not healing properly, and you need to go back to the doctor.

    Are you paying for the ER bill, or did you tell them it was work related?
  4. Did it change??!! Didn't Realize it showed up there, new here as well

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  5. The E.R. themselves(after Asking what Work I Did) told Me that's what caused it. It's not reported yet as an injury, no, so I Will Be Getting billed for the E.R., yes.
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    ERs are expensive, report it.