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    I came for a tour the other day, there started off being 18 of us but by the end only 12 remain. It's been 2 days and I haven't had a call for an interview, should I cut my loss or be patient. I was wondering if there was an email for our tour guide Rachel, I can't even find a phone number online. I would really like to know how the hiring process works. Any input is good input(usually) :anxious:
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    There is a reason they dont give out phone numbers, they dont want to be assaulted by constant phone calls from prospective employees.

    What you might do if you can is go back to the building and ask to see the guide or the people from HR.

    Anyone can pick up the phone and call to see if they have an opening. Takes 10 seconds and not much effort. But someone that takes the time to go would seem that you are more than just passively interested.


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    If they didnt finish doing background checks then it'll be awhile. Depending on how big the area she handles the HR for
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    Another thing you could do, is hone your google skills and see if someone has posted the exact same question already.....

  5. UnsurePost

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    If they want you they will contact you. It is pretty simple.
  6. dannyboy

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    While sleeve is correct, he forgets he is already on the inside. They will indeed call you when they need you. The trick is to be able to get your name to be the first one they call, not the middle or last.

    1/3rd of the people have dropped out, they figured out UPS is not for them. Thats great for you.

    Now you only have to outshine in some way the other 2/3rds.

    I know it sounds old fashioned, but someone that shows they are really interested in getting the position would stick out in my mind over those that are only interested in doing the minimum to be able to keep drawing unemployment.


    Good luck

  7. BreakNbad

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    Thanks for the advice. My tour was 11pm(wanting 10pm-2:30am shift), should I wait until I know the same HR rep. is there (at night) or go during the day and speak with someone who has nothing to do with the with the hiring process of the shift I've applied for?
  8. dannyboy

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    What do you think would be the best?

    Remember the scene where two guys come face to face with a bear, and one asks the other, how fast do we need to run to outrun the bear.

    The other guy replied, dont know, all I have to do is outrun you.

    And that is what you need to be able to do. Jump to the head of the class.

    What time you go is up to you. Maximize your chances though by going there when the person you are wanting to speak to is there. And when there, see if they will give you a phone number in private. You might get lucky.

  9. UnsurePost

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    Fair enough. I can not speak for all regions, our hub has been hiring like no tomorrow. I suppose it is different for other areas and the smaller buildings, which would give creedence to being a PITA ;)
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    Hubs are a different animal than most centers.

    Our center has a churn rate of less than 10-20% a year.

    Some hubs have a 300-500% per year. That is a killer.

  11. UnsurePost

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    I realize that having worked in 2 small buildings for many years. At that time though the economy was doing fairly well and they were hiring.

    No idea how it's going now in those centers but obviously I would assume they aren't hiring much, given like you said the low turnover rate.
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    I don't know if I'd try to get lucky with her.

    Although if it turned out well, I suppose you would get hired first!