African American People Are Being Harassed, Coerced, and Discriminated

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    African American People Are Being Harassed, Coerced, and Blatantly Discriminated Against at the United Parcel Service Center in Commerce City, Colorado - Black News

    United Parcel Service has a policy in written words in its hub stating, that they do not discriminate and have a diversity program. Then why are Caucasian employees and a Caucasian management team, at this Commerce City Hub in Colorado targeting African American employees with blatant discrimination and racial slurs like, "that is not a reason to throw away a good Black Boy," said a supervisor, speaking to two Black employees.
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    I don't believe that UPS singles out black employees. When it comes to harassment and coercion, UPS does it to everyone.
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    Must be Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpten trying to stir the pot again
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    I worked at the Commerce Ciy Hub. I'll admit its not a shining example of decency or respect for employees. The bad managers easily outnumber the good (pretty typical, I guess). I really hate the 'race-card' that some people decide they want to throw out. As such, I'll say this: there were similar issues to what this article describes being directed at white people from minorities. Very sad. -Rocky
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    Well if a supervisor was saying what was posted in front of 2 people, something isnt right here. If you think that out of all UPS mgmt, and union for that matter, that there is no one that is racist, your out of your mind. Do people use the race card when it isnt warranted?
    Yes to that also.
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    Yeah, I agree. I got called out last Sept. into a Sups. office and was asked why I didn't answer my phone all weekend. ( I am on the on-call board). I told him that I had an opportunity to "go outta town" w/ my family. And that; nobody (in dispatch) told me to be 'ready' to work this weekend..
    I got a warning letter in my file for "questioning" his position... That Sup has never bothered me again. Cousre I did grieve @ 3-4 things that happened in there:angry:....

    ...and that was that....
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    what is the local union doing about it? i guess it's 1997 all over again with what happened in oakland ,ca -riverside, ca - san bernardino, ca and cerritos, ca. if the those employees were fired for going to the restroom they have a class action lawsuit that they can file against ups. what was sad what happened in oakland in 1997 with the package car driver situation is local 70 of the teamsters didn't do any thing & the oakland chapter of the ncaap took care of the african american package car drivers
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    I stay out of the ghetto to avoid harassment. Maybe people should take the same stance on the corporate world?
  9. Your response shows the type of insensitivity to these matters. maybe YOUR human and civli rights need to be violated so YOU understand.
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    He/she was violated.
    He/she got laid off from UPS.
    The violation made him/her impacted.
    I would recommend , if I were a licensed physician, Ducolax followed by a two gallon ice water high colonic.
    Once cleansed, maybe he/she would have a "moving" experience and see how much impact their words have on those around them.
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    Impacted was the term given to those in TSG that were affected by the layoffs. My Gastro-Intestinal system is function just fine. I am just sick of hearing about civil-rights and all that garbage. When are we going to just be Americans? Why do we need to classify people as asain-americans, african-americans, etc? Racism will never go away, but it sure is not going to get any better by continuing to give preferential treatment based on skin color or gender.