Air gateway workers: how is specialized ‘skill’ paying going to work?


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Upon ratification of the new contract, those that perform de ice work or pushback work will receive a hourly pay increase.

Supervisors are saying it’s only enacted at the beginning of said job performance on those specific days.

Do you believe that this will become a job bid opportunity where seniority prevails? Right now it’s volunteer based and also based on who they ‘trust’ doing said job roles. If there’s only three opportunities to do pushback daily, why wouldn’t the highest trained senioirty employee get that chance first? And if he or she does, no one else will ever get to do that job unless they’re out on PTO. Right now it’s just a mishmash of volunteer workers doing many of these ‘skilled’ jobs.

Also, no later than 2026 but after the payroll system is able to accommodate it (what does that even mean?, k-loader operators will also receive a small pay raise

These pieces of equipment are pre tripped upwards of an hour before planes arrive. I’ve overheard them trying to figure out if the pay increase only involves active work on the jet (which may not even push an hour for some smaller operations).

Unlike hazmat responders who seem to have a full pay increase for basically being on call at all times, these other roles don’t seem too worth it.



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My understanding is that if you push a plane that day you get the money for your whole shift. At our gateway we have a pushback driver on each crew. So pushing one a day is easy to accomplish.

How will sups keep track, who knows. Outside of SDF it should be pretty straight forward.

As far as deicing ops , I was told you only getting that pay if your driving or in the bucket spraying that day. Wont be applied even though we spend considerable time daily on pre trip and testing the glycol on multiple trucks