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Hi i have been with UPS p/t for 5 years and i was just wondering info about Aircraft Mechanic position within UPS.If somone could help me i was just wondering the schooling needed and the hours they work also how hard it is t get a fulltime position and the base salary it is somthing i would be interested if worth my wile.if there is a full time mechanic on here i would love to talk to you thankx again.


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My brother is a A&P mechanic for Delta. UPS is among the best compensated in the industry. You can do a search and find the teamster contract on google.


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No one on here is a Aircraft Mechanic for ups ? also i could not find the contract for them on google mabye iam just not searching right!


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No one on here is a Aircraft Mechanic for ups ? also i could not find the contract for them on google mabye iam just not searching right!
Not many airline mechanics or pilots respond on here. I had multiple questions/posts and they didn't reply. My brother is a diesal mechanic and he wanted to know the pay difference between that and airline mechanic but no-one could answer.


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We have around a thousand AMT's across the US. We have provided UPS with a valuable service though 2 peaks without a contract and are currently in Federal Mediated contract talks. You can go to the Air Group home page located on the sidebar of the UPS webpage and there is a link that gets you to the pilots, mechanics and airline personnel. To tell you the truth we all have protected passwords but you should be able to access general news, the dispatch and other UPS related info. We have been hiring AA and DAL guys and gals recently but most take sups jobs because no one wants promoted and have to give up so many benefits that sups are not eligible for. The average AMT last year averaged a little over a 100k but remember we are all FAA certified. Just for kicks google tim dixon in the fort worth star telegram and see what you get.


Hello airbusfxr and all of my other fellow AMT's,
I have stumbled upon this Brown Cafe site somehow by accident searching for some UPS stuff and how and where to find A&P / AMT job information.
I am starting to get some useful info but not what I really need as far as to whom or where to submit my resume or to apply.
The UPS career search web site only allows you to apply to open positions.
Possibly this is not the correct site for air group positions...
I was hoping (and still am) that someone on this site could steer me in the right direction or even possibly help me get my foot in...
I also looked on the UPS main website but am not able to see any links to the air group.
I looked up Tim Dixion... and even with my 25 years of aircraft maintenance experience have not even come close to his salary - where did I go wrong?
My wife and I are planning to relocate to Louisville, KY in about the next 8 months and I am trying to line something up with UPS in SDF.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.