Am I seasonal, or permanent hire?

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    So I just started working at UPS last month (October).how do I know if I'm a permenant hire or not? And what's up with with those red and gold cards?
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    The UPS Soccer team is not covered under the Teamster's contract.

    If you were hired in a Teamster represented position, you are Seasonal.
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    My 8-ball says "ask again later."
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    Ask hr when the free period started at your center. If you started b4 than u should be perm. Don't quote me on that. Red and gold cards? Hmm maybe sumthin to do with the sort destinations
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    I am on the safety committee and mentor new hires. I tell them the 5 keys to be retained after peak is done. 1. Tell them to treat this as "try out" to make the "team". 2. Show up every night and on time. 3. Work hard. 4.Positive attitude. 5.Don't screw up. Follow those guidelines and you might be hired after peak.
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    "Don't screw up"? That should make him feel good, term used too loosely
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    THATS THE BEST QUESTION IVE SEEN ON THIS IN a WHILE. I know drivers who have 20 years and more asking the same question you asked
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    I celebrate 22 years tomorrow and I still don't know if I am seasonal. Part-timers work more hours than I do.
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    You will find out for sure in late December.
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    show up every day, don't give an attitude without cause, and work as hard as the pace allows

    you'd be surprised how hard those are for most people..
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    1. They should tell you up front which one you are, but if they haven't said anything, I'm assuming you're permanent.
    2. The red and gold cards are like little progress reports almost. The fill out a red one when you do something wrong, and a gold one when you do something right. They don't mean a whole lot once you are done training. I suppose they keep track of how many red cards you get before seniority and possibly it influences whether or not they keep you. After seniority they may occasionally still give you a gold card. Here if you get one, your name gets put in a drawing for free swag like t shirts and water bottles. In other words they don't mean a whole lot.

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    Simply put. Ask HR