Amazon is now shipping cargo for outside customers in its latest move to compete with FedEx and UPS

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I wish Carol and my brown brothers read that article. We all laugh when we see Amazon parked on the wrong side of the street and driving around with their van door open or when we see Fed Ex drivers sprinting up and down drive ways while ”music” is blasting out of the package car but what it realistically comes down to is the bottom line. Money. If a shipper can save some by shipping with someone else then I imagine they won’t hesitate to do that. They already have the customers money. Any shipping delays falls back on us.

Amazon has the money to flex and Fed Ex has the know how. Hopefully Carol doesn’t mind opening the wallet to let UPS keep up with the times and not have us always looking over our shoulders. It takes more than just saying it. If you want to be BETTER stop the management harassment, drop the routing system that thinks a package car can do a 180 in the middle of a street, and listen to your employees who aren’t stuck behind a desk.
We sure went backwards with the diad 6. Instead of improving our times,our days got way longer because of another terrible move by management. . Orion 1/2 done and a mess. Late air every day. Cir a horrible mess. It doesn’t look good from the cheep seats.