The truth never changes.
That is handled by FedEx. My wife works for a Walmart. And they have FedEx is located within their stores to ship from. Anything you order online from Walmart or already comes FedEx.
That just started as leases came up for renewal last year.
UPS bd guys I knew had no clue.


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Amazon idiot pulls in front of my house today. Unmarked white sprinter. I’m on the left side of the road coming down, one way in one way out two houses from the end, nice culdesac at the end. Huge culdesac. He delivers package to house next to me. Gets back in sprinter and pulls nose first into the house across the street, backs out and leaves. So he parked facing the wrong way, then instead of driving 30 yards to the end of the street and going into the huge culdesac, he goes nose first into neighbors driveway and backs out. Couldn’t make it up if you tried. Amazon drivers are the lowest denominator. There’s no way there isn’t two or three deaths a day as a result of their drivers.