Amazon Is Paying Employees to Quit Right Before Critical Union Vote


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Amazon Is Paying Employees to Quit Right Before Critical Union Vote - Vice

Employees are being offered thousands of dollars to leave and never work for Amazon again, weeks before a historic union election.

An annual program in which Amazon offers to pay workers at least $1,000 to quit their jobs could threaten a unionization drive in Bessemer, Alabama.

On Sunday, there were concerns on Twitter that the drive was specifically targeted at the Bessemer warehouse, but Amazon runs this program nationally and has for several years. This year’s program, and internal documentation spelling it out, was first reported by labor reporter Kim Kelly. "We love that you're part of the team. But if you have goals outside of Amazon, we want to support you," a handout obtained by Kelly says. "That's why we have a voluntary resignation program called 'The Offer' — an exit bonus starting at $1,000, based on how many Peaks you've worked."

Regardless of its national scope, if workers in Bessemer who are supportive of the union take it, the drive there could be threatened.


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if and when amazon goes union there will be an adverse effect on stock price as well as on the flexibilities the amazon people currently enjoy.....I doubt if the people there will vote the union in...great deal to lose with not much to has to speculate as to what would have happened if jim casey didnt invite the teamsters to represent people at united parcel service....