Amazon Starts Testing ‘Scout’ Delivery Robots Near Seattle


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Amazon Starts Testing ‘Scout’ Delivery Robots Near Seattle - Bloomberg
  • E-commerce giant brings automation to expensive last-mile
  • Cooler-sized bots will operate Monday to Friday during day Inc. will use robots to deliver packages in the suburbs north of Seattle, its latest experiment to automate the last-mile of delivery that’s a labor-intensive and costly component of buying products online.

The e-commerce giant on Wednesday announced a trial of “Amazon Scout,” autonomous delivery devices the size of a cooler that roll along sidewalks at a walking pace. It will use six robots, which are designed to navigate around obstacles such as people and pets, to deliver packages in Snohomish County. The robots will be used to make deliveries Monday through Friday during daylight hours.


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That thing is sure to put UPS and FedEx out of business.