An Economist's Case for a Non Interventionist Foreign Policy

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    This is the transcript of a 30 minute talk (including Q & A) given by Economist David R. Henderson to a group of 47 naval officers from 44 different countries at Stanford University's Hoover Institute on Feb. 3, 2014'. The talk was from a morning session at the Hoover Institute that was conducted by the Naval War College. The session included 3 other speakers, Gary Roughhead, retired Admiral and former Chief of Naval Operations, Bruce Thornton, Professor of Classics and Humanities, Fresno State and former Sec. of State under Reagan, George P. Schultz. David Henderson has a Phd. in economics from UCLA, is a research fellow at Hoover Institute and his full time gig is Associate Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School. David also served in several economic advisory positions during the Reagan Administration.

    An Economist's Case for a Non Intervention Foreign Policy