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    Here is a copy of a recent analyst report on UPS.

    Looks good to me!

    United Parcel Service (UPS)
    > UPS gaining some momentum; Expect UPS to outpace guidance; Teamster strike
    > unlikely; sheet
    > > International markets picking up; One of the cleanest balance sheets in
    > addition to an off-balance
    > > asset; Expect stock to be included in S&P 500
    > > Recent comments from the company in terms of the economy are that it
    > appears the U.S. is bumping along a bottom; however, we feel the U.S. is
    > doing better than that. Asia has picked up and Europe remains strong for
    > company (international represents about 30% of business for UPS).
    > felt no indications of pricing becoming irrational in the ground market.
    > Management's guidance for 2Q:02 EPS remains in the $0.50 - 0.55 range;
    > however, we are keeping our $0.56 estimate. We recognize that our 2Q:02
    > forecast is ahead of the company's guidance, but we suspect that UPS will
    > outpace its guidance by about at least a penny or so.
    > >
    > > Management and the Teamsters have reviewed all economic based issues,
    > at this point they are in the stages of discussing non-economic issues
    > (NOTE: UPS is the largest employer of Teamsters). While the stock has
    > already been strong in the last two weeks as a result of progress with the
    > Teamsters, we believe any positive developments that unfold within the
    > 2 - 3 weeks could help to push the stock up even further in our opinion.
    > >
    > > The company is among the only eight AAA-rated companies among the
    > industrials. For 2002, if our forecasts are correct, we believe the
    > has the means to generate sizable amounts of cash and achieve a net debt
    > net debt + equity ratio of 9% and a debt ratio of 20%. As the company
    > continues to generate sizable amounts of free cash flow going forward, we
    > believe the company's net debt to net debt + equity could get as low as
    > with a debt ratio of 17% by 2003. This is not even accounting for the IRS
    > settlement. The timing and amount collectable of UPS's $1.8 billion IRS
    > settlement remains unresolved. We are aware that it is concurrently being
    > handled in court while ongoing settlement discussions are also occurring
    > with the IRS. In our opinion, a settlement should occur soon.
    > >
    > > With regard to the UPS and the S&P 500, increasing trading volume and
    > liquidity remain some of the final barriers towards inclusion into the S&P
    > 500 in our opinion. At the current level of average daily trading volume
    > the past month of 1.7 million shares, we calculate that the implied number
    > of days to fill all buy orders from index funds for the stock would be
    29 -
    > 41 days, following an adjustment for the 30 million share shelf
    > registration. We would not be surprised to see S&P 500 inclusion happen
    > year.
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    Yes, it sounds great. But without the name of the analyst it means nothing.
    Who was it?
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    The "quote" was from Credit Swiss First Boston, and it came out 6-14-02. Their Target price for UPS is "low 70's" in 12 months.