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    Welcome to Brown Cafe and enjoy your stay!!
    Interesting UPS facts and I'm sure some of our members will add their own!!
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    "It is virtually impossible for a non-UPSer to acquire any piece of the UPS delivery uniform, whichincludes the famous brown shorts. You’ll never see them on e-Bay! UPS uniforms are carefully controlled and reclaimed for disposal onceworn out".

    I disagree with this one..
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    I think they mean non-fake ones. Although I know of people that were helpers and never returned the uniforms. :happy-very:
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    4. In 1927 UPS was one of the first companies in the nation to offer their employees shares of the company. Today UPS is primarily owned by its employees; only ten percent of UPS stock is available to the public.

    This is simply NOT TRUE!

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    That white roof panel is a life saver. It only got up to 140 degrees for 3 strait weeks in my pkg car this summer!!:anxious:
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    No kidding, its called "The Greenhouse Effect". It doesn't help cool the car, it makes it hotter. I thought the purpose of the translucent roof was so we could see while we are in the back during the day.

    I also disagree that Pullman Brown hides dirt. It doesn't, my P7 got washed about six times last year. Since the company doesn't want to pay the Car Wash to wash all the cars anymore. Why don't we just start painting the cars Tan or something. The dirt wouldn't show up so bad then. I'm embarrassed to drive around in a filthy Package Car all the time.:mad:
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    Traveler...those Greg Neimann remarks could be pre-2000 and then it would have been true.
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    "Today UPS is primarily owned by its employees; only ten percent of UPS stock is available to the public."

    And the company is scared to death of this 10% that hold non-voting shares.
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    You're not kidding... I drew and wrote on my package car praying and hoping that would force the car wash to finally wash my package car...but still says "ho ho ho" "merry christmas" and "What Can Brown Do For You"

    As far as the roof...what translucent roof? I [-]think[/-] know they painted over mine. It's almost pitch black dark in my package car. I leave the bulkhead lights on all day and still have trouble reading the labels at times. And this is during the day folks... But hey, I gave up a long time ago...:whiteflag:
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    I draw flames on the side of my package car and write race the truck on the back door.
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    Bulkhead lights?
    Do you mean the one at the back of the car that shines
    (I am being generous with the shine part)
    right into your eyes or the single dim bulb that is covered in dirt illuminating the front cab and section 1 and 2.
    I know I am getting older and my eyes are not what they use to be, but how much can one expect out of two 1156 12 volt auto bulbs.
    The translucent roof works great, in combination with brown aluminum, in 100+ heat.
    Be sure to keep your bulk head door closed for safety.
    We don't want a lawsuit from a thief that has gotten into the back of the car and suffered a heat stroke.
    Ok, my rant is over.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Alright! Alright! I confess......

    There was so much dirt on my back door I was compelled to draw "Jesus"!.

    Not bad I must say, but now I can't get the tip of my finger clean....
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    "We don't want a lawsuit from a thief that has gotten into the back of the car and suffered a heat stroke."

    Now THAT was funny!
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    That's because that 10% (seems low to me) controls the price!!