Another Black Eye For My Hub

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by TeamLift, Feb 9, 2015.

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    Just before peak some at our hub witnessed a driver who we all knew and liked being taken down by a swat team of unmarked police cars as soon as he left the hub one morning. He was told to get out of his van, handcuffs were placed on him, the van was searched and he was taken to jail. The reason, stealing computers and a lot of them. He would come in early, take a look and all the packages on either side of him and when he saw the word Dell he promptly placed the item in his van. Notice he never did this with Dell stuff in his pile, just on someone else's.

    All told he got between 10 and 15 computers and monitors. At first it was easy to get away with this, a driver next to him would end up with a package one his scanner that he didn't have and then a supervisor would delete it. If he had stopped with just a few he might have gotten away with it, but when 10 or more customers call and say they tracked their PC to our hub but never got it, the powers in the office started looking into it. I would imagine they looked at camera tapes and saw him put the stuff in his truck, then notified Police and told them when he was leaving the station. Unmarked cars were at every exit and both ends of the road that he might leave out on so he had no chance.. This is becoming more commonplace , as I write this we just lost another driver who his contractor walked him out the door just the other morning. If only our wages were like UPS, but then again I see videos of them stealing our packages at the door of a customer so it has more to do then not making enough money. Some are willing to risk it all just to get something for free.
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    Ooops! Cool story though!
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    If only the poster used the word "Apple" instead of "Dell", one could have belief in this story. Can't remember the last time I saw a Dell box coming down the belt. Maybe this is a 15 year old story and the poster is just now getting around to writing it. I don't for one second put it past an employee to steal on such a grand scale. I've definitely heard my share of knuckle headed courier thinking they were too smart to get caught.
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    Ground moves plenty of Dell. They are a high value shipper and their stuff is more aggressively tracked. This driver is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I don't believe lower wages are to blame. Thieves steal, doesn't matter what you pay them.
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  5. Operational needs

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    I see Dell boxes occasionally.
  6. Goldilocks

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    I saw a video of a UPS DRIVER taking a piss on someones
  7. bleedinbrown58

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    I still see Dell...
  8. TeamLift

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    I don't know who you work for but not one apple computer has ever came down our belt, all we get are Dell computers and monitors. You have to understand the idiots who order this stuff, they have no idea what an Apple computer is. Besides, can you order Apple stuff on ?
  9. Mr. 7

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    I'm express and I get a lot of apple and Dell.
    Heck, del'd 2 Dell servers to a Dr.'s office yesterday and today, 4 more pieces which might have been monitors. All, clearly marked in traditional Dell boxes.
  10. TeamLift

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    FedEx ground and home delivery do not have contracts with Apple, never have, never will.
  11. Operational needs

    Operational needs Non desistas. Non exieras.

    How do you know they never will?
  12. CJinx

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    For a service that doesn't and will never have a contract with Apple, we sure do seem to move a lot of their freight. Hmm...
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    Yes, straight into your drivers' trunks, basements, and storage rooms. Got to have an eBay side business to pay for health care, you know.
  14. gixxer squid

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    We had similar thing happen about 4 years ago. Driver (not ours) of 5 years pulled a 50 inch flatscreen off our truck and put in his. Camera in hub caught him. Fired of course. He had sold to his buddy. MORON.
  15. TeamLift

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    You might work for Express, Home delivery does not deliver Apple Period.
  16. TeamLift

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    Apple wants their stuff delivered in one piece, not broken all to hell by FedEx Ground or Home Delivery.
  17. CJinx

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    You are wrong. HD gets a lot of Apple shipments. Always DSR and heavily controlled (admin or higher to flex/delete from routes and it warns you that your id will be logged).
  18. STFXG

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    I haven't seen any Apple packages in a LONG time.
  19. Mr. 7

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    That's good.