Another lawsuit settled for 16.5 million.

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    I copied it because you might need to be a member to read it.

    FedEx Corp. FDX +1.41% on Friday agreed to pay $16.5 million to settle a lawsuit alleging the package shipping company systematically overcharged its business customers by improperly assessing them residential surcharges.

    The nearly three-year-old lawsuit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court in Memphis, accused FedEx of overcharging business and government clients as much as $3 a shipment over the course of several years. A judge approved the settlement, which was agreed to in July by FedEx and the two law firms that brought the suit.
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    Please don't copy entire articles from other sites and paste them on our public forum. That's copyright infringement of the site you copied from and could get our site into legal trouble.

    Posting a brief summary and a link is the way we like to do it.

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    Wow that's a first
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    Old news...
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    Yep. Still good to remind the customers how dishonest FedEx is. It was revealed in the suit that FedEx upper management was fully aware of the overcharges and kept right on doing it. FedEx SOP is "it's OK until you get caught", then "we admit no wrongdoing and will vigorously defend ourselves in court" once they've been nabbed.
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    So when I deliver to a business and hit residential on my PP, it's FedEx's fault? How would FedEx know the difference? What if I deliver to a resi and hit business by mistake (I've done this), thus not charging the resi rate? That's ok?