Any applicants for the new LATHROP, CA Hub heard on background check results?

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    Are there any other prospecting applicants for the newly built Lathrop, CA hub? They said they are going to be hiring around 600 Package Handlers for this facility. I understand that 600 applications and background checks can take some time to process, and they said these newly hired people wouldn't be starting until about October. It is almost mid September now and shouldn't i have heard back? I also checked the box that stated i wanted a copy of my background check sent to me as well. Does anyone know how long it takes to get your own copy sent to you? I have no drug convictions or anything like that, so shouldn't i pass? What other factors may affect my passing/failing of my background check? Thanks for any feedback you take the time to respond to me with.
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    You posted this in the wrong forum. Maybe @cheryl can move this to UPS discussions. This is the UPS freight forum.
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    Maybe he could also stop yelling.
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    600 people. That must be a hr nightmare
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    This Lathrop hub is supposed to severely impact the volume for the day, twilight, and night shifts at my hub. I wonder how much? They were even offering the chance for people to transfer from our hub to Lathrop with the same building seniority and everything. Way too far for me, no thanks. OP did you hear when the place was supposed to open?
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    Anyway, why all the shouting in the header?
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    Background checks cover more than drug convictions. They can also cover other convictions in your background. Also hope you stick around and keep that username. It will remind us of the first thread you ever made.
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    Joke's on you, he was hired, and subsequently promoted to HR's head of background checks at the Lathrop CA hub. The username remains appropriate.
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    I wanna work in lathrop.
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    Requests completed.
    Any other requests for this thread?
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    Probably should be locked since the OP never returned.
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    Ban I've from making 1000's of posts in this thread?
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    I guess we can skip right over the footwear and seniority threads from him.