Any drawbacks to switching from local sort to a clerk job?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by SpicyItalian739, Nov 22, 2019.

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    My center is one of the ones that got rid of our customer counter, but still has to do damages, RTSes, etc, and the clerks that survived the purge were brought back as new Teamsters, so it's now a Teamster position. The one lady just put her 2 weeks in and they put a bid up, and I have almost 2 decades of seniority on the local sort and I'm not getting any younger. Can anybody think of any reason I shouldn't?

    All jobs are skilled under the new contract so I should keep my skilled dollar, correct? Plus, now that it's a Teamsters job and not the mechanics/clerks/carwashers/pilots union, even if they eliminate the job I'd just go back to the local sort, right? And If the sort starts early, I should still have a right to come in first and bump somebody to stay late after my clerk duties are done I would imagine...

    The job seems like a cake walk and a great way to spend my last 10 years until retirement, unless I'm missing something.
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    Clerking is a very easy job physically. In our hub clerks have to stand the whole time, so that's exhausting, but besides that easy. Our clerks are super busy most of the time, but that just makes the day go by quick. They seem to enjoy it (compared to physical labor). Our clerks are part of combo jobs in the event of job deletion they get another job in the hub, seniority based of course. Not sure how things are with you and your supplement.
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    I guess I should mention that I’m in the Central States supplement.
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    I was told by my locals president (southern) that if we take a job that was not considered skilled that we lose the dollar.
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    You'll get fat.
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    Doesn’t the contract state that all jobs are skilled now? Even if I lose the $1, it might be worth grieving just for the heck of it.
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    Our Clerk retired with 37 years in. The last 20 years she worked she didn't do squat unless you call gossiping with the Porter gal who also had 37 years in. Between the 2 of them they probably only actually worked maybe a couple hours a day. Good people but damn they were lazy.
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    They eliminated the opportunity for PT to earn the extra dollar.

    If you take a job that was not preload/sorter rate you lose the dollar just as you would have under the old contract.

    Under the new contract you never have the opportunity to gain that back even if returning to preload/sort.
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    I'm in the south and there are multiple grievances out on the company taking away the skilled dollar that doesn't exist b.a. assured me that they will win them but I'm sure they will go to the panel and as of now no decision.
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    I'm a pm clerk for a center and can tell u personally,its Cadillac.but there are some drawbacks,like attendance and the ability to go home.if ur one of these people that calls In pretty regularly or wants to go home its gonna be a problem for u.the job itself is great they treat u like ur grown and pretty much let the clerks do their jobs,at least in my center,but we tcb so take that for what its worth.
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    One more thing,if u wanna get hours as a part timer that's gonna be hard also for u,but I'm sure that's on a center by center basis.
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  13. What the hell is the mechanics/clerks/carwashers/pilots union?
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    They were all in a union separate from the Teamsters, at least at my center. I think it might be the Machinists Union. It’s a moot point now though, as clerks are Teamsters since September at my center and I did take the job. It’s cake, I’ve been getting paid my skilled Dollar still, and I haven’t had any aches or pains since last week. I’m content!
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