Any engineering careers within UPS?

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    How active is UPS in hiring engineers? I am a major in engineering physics, with electives in aerospace engineering, industrial and mechanical engineering.

    Right now I'm working part time as a package handler for UPS. What steps would I take in pursuing an engineering career (rather than management)? My facility is small compared to other hubs I have seen.
  2. cachsux

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    Dude, with those kind of brains you would be throwing your life away at UPS. Go out and invent the 1000 mpg car and be a billionaire.
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    I agree with cach if you have degrees like that or will have degrees like that it took some serious book time and cash to get those degrees I am sure you can make a lot more money somewhere besides UPS with those brains.
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    Plant Engineering (PE) and Industrial Engineering (IE).

    You would probably be looking at a management job in either function given your academics... keep in mind these are "non-ops" or staff functions. Good people and smart leaders are needed in both, but like the previous posts, you may find you get more out of your education elsewhere.

    If you are really considering it, consult with your local IE and PE departments.
  5. TechGrrl

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    Districts have uses for Industrial Engineers and Plant Engineers. However, those jobs are relatively boring. Down at Corporate in Atlanta, they do R&D type stuff. Talk to your HR people about how to apply for a job with the Corporate departments.

    Another avenue would be the Airline headquarters in Louisville, KY. Worldport is the world's largest automated sorting facility, and needs engineers to keep it humming. Same advice, ask your HR guy how to send resume and apply for job in Kentucky.

    Don't know where you are located, but if your UPS facility is small, I assume it is a smaller city/town. Chances are you are going to have to relocate to get a decent job.
  6. cachsux

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    P.E. would be a job beneath you and I.E. would be a job where you tell people who know how to do their jobs, how to do their jobs better or at least how the computer in front of you tells you how to tell them how to do their job better. But in effect you`ll make the jobs worse which is why I.E. is hated across the board by both hourly and mgmt workers. Just a little tip,if you do go to I.E. and someone buys you a coffee dont drink it. If your lucky it has only spit in it.

    If I had your brains I would not be at UPS.
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    As was said above, you would be underemployed if you chose to work at UPS.
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    The IE Dept hires (or used to) coops from colleges, see if your college offers a coop program. In the larger facilities, they often have PT supvs work in the IE dept who act as interns. It will help to decide if it's the job you want. If you do, great you've got your foot in the door. If you don't, then it's still great for your resume.
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    #1 Quit UPS
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    You know guys, I can understand why you are all so negative about the IE department in the districts. I am totally disgusted with what IE has become. It sure wasn't that way when I was in there.


    Almost every innovation we have done as a company in the last 25 years has come from internal engineers, usually IE's and some PE's, from scanning to DIADs to Worldport. I was blessed to be involved in many of those projects. In 1980, almost 30 years ago, I worked on a prototype 'computerized time study board' that foreshadowed the DIAD. Miniature chips and computers weren't small enough to make it real. Ditto for bar code scanners. UPS was ahead of the technology curve, and actually had to wait for the technology to catch up to our ideas.

    We are still hiring engineers in Louisville; we have the Metro College program, and it has been very successful in providing college degrees to kids who otherwise had no chance of getting a degree, in a state that ranks near the bottom in college degrees per capita.

    We need to continue to encourage innovation from within. Even though we may hire outside companies to do the manufacturing for scanners and DIADs, the ideas came from within.
  11. Just Numbers

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    Even though these jobs are not in could be transferred to operations at any time.
  12. JustTired

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    Or more likley.....dead!

    If I were to invent such a thing...I think I'd keep it to myself. I'd reap the benefit of passing gas stations and staying alive. Now, if the oil companies wanted to pay me to "keep it to myself".......that could be arranged (as it has many times in the past, I'm sure).
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    Just apply on line, there are usually jobs posted for Aircraft Mx Engineers in SDF. I would try to stay in the Airline division with your background.
  14. cachsux

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    Innovating new technology is fine. But having the nerd herd ride our backs from behind the desk as we use it is something else.
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    How far along are you in school?

    Nearly all UPS engineering jobs are management positions. If you don't want to be in management, UPS will be somewhat frustrating as an engineer.

    Check UPSJOBS.COM for current openings. I don't think there are many right now (if any at all).

    Here is my suggestion... Go into part time supervision. It will give you a feel for both UPS and management. If you do it right, it will also give you a different perspective in your education. This will actually help in your classes.

    Of course, the experience will be what you make of it and will mostly depend on your attitude. I made the same decision over 30 years ago. I took part time supervision seriously and that helped me both at work and at school.

    At graduation, you will have a resume that shows you were a UPS supervisor. This will be a plus....

    Best of luck,

  16. TechGrrl

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    No argument. Did you see the comment I made about my disgust with the average district IE department these days? Not the way we used to do it. It used to be, you spent time in the operation working with the front line people to insure good job setup and efficient work methods. Computers came in, and helped cut out the scut numbers work necessary to do a lot of analysis.

    Today, the 'nerd herd' as you call them, get sunburn from the computer screen, and wouldn't know an operation if it ran them over while they walked to their car.
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    UPS, I am sure, could have opportunities abound for someone who completes their degrees in the fields you mentioned. And of course, the opportunity to make great amounts of money with the company.

    To say you would be throwing away your life at UPS is a foolish statement to make. Because quiet frankly. as the company continues to grow with the modern age, it will be people like you who will have the opportunity to leave a legacy that will benefit so many people including customers and employees. I think the fields you are studying in would fit in greatly with UPS. Do some research and stay focused on school.

    Are you a supervisor? Not sure if your hub provides a tuition program for its hourly employees but if not, applying to be a supervisor would unlock a lot of opportunities for you, not just including tuition reimbursement. Start up as a part time supervisor and show you are in school and doing well...and trust me, you will be on a fast track to move up the ranks until you get your degrees. Even if its just a full time supervisor or specialist, it will mean more money and a great item on your resume in case you choose to look elsewhere after UPS.