Favoritism or Discrimination??? How do I win this fight within the building with the union?


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I'm a union steward.

(Hopefully) the farthest thing from a company man you can get.
What you have right now is an extracontractual agreement. The company broke it, and you aren't happy about it.

That's the thing with negotiating outside of the collective bargaining agreement and making arrangements outside of the contract. You're basically at managements' mercy to uphold their end of the deal.
When did you become a steward? Lord help us!!

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Depends on the situation but it usually comes down to being a mature professional in your work place and being there to earn a living not treating it like high school nonsense.
That being said if another teamster starts crossing lines they really shouldn’t and turns your work environment hostile it is a good first step by letting a steward address him one on one and letting them know it’s not okay.
After that the steward will give you the nod to go through Hr and management if they insist on continuing the behavior.


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Sir if I write every single little detail I would have a novel on here but since you responded let me help you a little. This same employee I am referencing has been verbally attacking me since month 1 on the job all because she was jealous that I was scanning. The root of all her attacks towards me and all her complaints for these alleged injuries. I was never concerned about anything dealing with her until she started attacking me for no reason. Her complaining and personal verbal attacks consisted of her telling me that I should not have certain facial expressions and that my facial expressions had something to do with her. Which was a load of crap. Then she begin to tell me what I shouldn't say certain things as me and the other coworkers are joking around and making light of her personal attacks and just in general. So no, I was never worried about her until whatever crazy jealous infatuation she has with me, begin to affect my accommodation and my money. Management placed me in an accommodation and then took me out of it to satisfy her after saying we both were going to be removed from the area. She asked to move to another area and had been moved several other times. Running small sort packages to belt= her toe hurts, preload= its hard, another area= I don't understand it, Unloading= Its too heavy, Flipping packages= my wrist hurts. Please tell me where the hell you can truly accommodate her in UPS. I admit definitely not a good start but I can't control someone else jealousy issue towards me. I wish this wouldn't have happened because I also tried to talk to the lady after work to let her know I didnt have an issue with her and she raised her voice at me and pointed her finger in my face telling me she didnt like me and that she didn't want to talk to me. Thanks for your concern though.


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I begin working for UPS sunrise crew in September 2022. I have completed my probationary period and am now a regular employee. I got in right before they started hiring their seasonal employees. I started out in the small sort area and about three weeks into my employment they moved me to bag the surepost small sort packages for the post office. I made management aware at that time that the repetitive heavy lifting, twisting and bending agitated my back injury. Mind you at this time I was still within my probationary period. Management spoke with me about the situation and moved me back to small sort area to accommodate my issue without requiring me to get a release from the doctor. I continued to work in this area up until a few days ago when another employee who had an issue with me, complained her wrist was hurting. This same employee was moved a minimum of at least 5 times to try to accommodate her requests. She complained at every location she was sent only to be placed back in the small sort area. She beforehand had requested to be moved to another area and also management felt it was best. This lady in particular, kept targeting me and making rude remarks towards me because management had me scanning and she made it clear that she wanted to scan. She was hired one week before me. So when she asked to move to another location, management seen it best to do so to split us up but moved her back trying to accommodate her after failing the previous 5 times they had already moved her. So one morning they asked me to switch with her to give her wrist a break because she complained to them that it was hurting. I agreed and switched places with her as she normally was the flipper for the small sort packages for sure post. As we began the shift I began to flip packages and another coworker told me I was moving too fast and that the lady had a hurt wrist. After working for at least 20 minutes and watching the way the lady moved her wrist with restriction I realized she was full of bull so my response to my co-worker was that I wasnt there to babysit and that she wasn't hurt. My coworker got mad, threw down her packages and went to management. Management came over and I repeated to management what was said as I continued to work. They moved us around and told everyone to mind their own person and do their job. Before the shift was up I ended up switching back to flipping where there were no more issues even with me flipping at the same normal speed that I work before my co-worker had a fit. At the end of the shift management told me that they were going to move me and the employee with the hurt wrist to another are to discontinue the issues within the small sort area. This did not happen. They allowed her to stay in the area and took me from the area where management had beforehand placed me to accommodate my back injury and sent me to preload trucks. I complained to management and the union about the issue and asked to file a grievance. All hell broke loose. Management was forcing me to work in pain under undue hardship and basically forcing me to quit because they wanted to accommodate one without honoring my accommodation he had taken me from. On Monday 12/5/22 my alarm didn't go off and I woke up late. I immediately called the boss and told him what happened and asked if I could still come in and he told me no they didnt have much work that day and that he would see me the next day. When I arrived at work this morning, management walked up with the union rep and said 1st that he was going to write me up for no call no show and I told him I called and that he told me not to come in. He further went on to say that if I didn't call in before the shift that it is still counted as a no call no show. Incidents happen where sometimes this is not possible as I was sleep and my alarm did not wake me so it was not likely to happen in this manner. I still called around 3AM while the shift was still workable. Secondly, he said that I would not be allowed to work anymore until I get a release from the doctor which previously wasnt requested. I explained the unfairness of it all and asked for his request to be put in black and white to request this release from a doctor and not being able to work until I do so. He denied giving me any type of paperwork or form to turn in to the doctor. The other employee was not required to be released from the doctor and I feel that his is Discrimination and I am now trying to be forced out of a job. What do you think? Please help.
Get a doctor's note. Keep your head down, do your job to the best of your ability. Get off the radar.