Favoritism or Discrimination??? How do I win this fight within the building with the union?


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I'm a union steward.

(Hopefully) the farthest thing from a company man you can get.
What you have right now is an extracontractual agreement. The company broke it, and you aren't happy about it.

That's the thing with negotiating outside of the collective bargaining agreement and making arrangements outside of the contract. You're basically at managements' mercy to uphold their end of the deal.
When did you become a steward? Lord help us!!

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Depends on the situation but it usually comes down to being a mature professional in your work place and being there to earn a living not treating it like high school nonsense.
That being said if another teamster starts crossing lines they really shouldn’t and turns your work environment hostile it is a good first step by letting a steward address him one on one and letting them know it’s not okay.
After that the steward will give you the nod to go through Hr and management if they insist on continuing the behavior.


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Sir if I write every single little detail I would have a novel on here but since you responded let me help you a little. This same employee I am referencing has been verbally attacking me since month 1 on the job all because she was jealous that I was scanning. The root of all her attacks towards me and all her complaints for these alleged injuries. I was never concerned about anything dealing with her until she started attacking me for no reason. Her complaining and personal verbal attacks consisted of her telling me that I should not have certain facial expressions and that my facial expressions had something to do with her. Which was a load of crap. Then she begin to tell me what I shouldn't say certain things as me and the other coworkers are joking around and making light of her personal attacks and just in general. So no, I was never worried about her until whatever crazy jealous infatuation she has with me, begin to affect my accommodation and my money. Management placed me in an accommodation and then took me out of it to satisfy her after saying we both were going to be removed from the area. She asked to move to another area and had been moved several other times. Running small sort packages to belt= her toe hurts, preload= its hard, another area= I don't understand it, Unloading= Its too heavy, Flipping packages= my wrist hurts. Please tell me where the hell you can truly accommodate her in UPS. I admit definitely not a good start but I can't control someone else jealousy issue towards me. I wish this wouldn't have happened because I also tried to talk to the lady after work to let her know I didnt have an issue with her and she raised her voice at me and pointed her finger in my face telling me she didnt like me and that she didn't want to talk to me. Thanks for your concern though.