Any guesses on how long UPS will take to "match" FedEx on this . . .

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  1. Oh wait; when FedEx makes the change, it is a change that impacts all their employees that receive company subsidized health insurance; at UPS the change will impact All "union free" employees with the exception of the management committee (they are already awarded extra $$$ as a part of their compensation for healthcare ~ and Ill bet that subsidy increasees)

    FedEx shifts gears on health insurance

    FedEx shifts gears on health insurance - Financial and Business News - MENAFN

    Aug 04, 2013 (Menafn - The Commercial Appeal - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) --
    FedEx employees will shoulder a larger share of health care costs as the Memphis-based delivery giant moves everyone to high-deductible, consumer-driven plans for 2014.
    The changes, coming in January, will affect some 400,000 U.S. employees and family members. The change is designed to slow down one of the company's fastest-growing expenses, expected to top 1.5 billion next year, and to protect against Obamacare's penalties on overly generous plans in the future.
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    I wish we had this with our high deductible plan. Right now with the high deductible plan Rx is not included. We have to pay 100% of Rx until we hit the OOP deductible of 3K and then they pay 100% when we hit the 6K OOP Max. Also, going to an in network Dr is covered with them. My wife\Dr both went to Dr for a minor infection and that was 100% OOP for me.

    Sign me up for their plan. It's better then ours from what I read.

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    Only thing for sure is again we "partners" will take the screwing on the increases for the "stake holders" dividend sake.
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    FedEx's CEO is also a noted republican who just could not pass up an opportunity to screw over his employees while blaming Obamacare. Call it a 2 for one. This isn't a pro-Obamacare post by the way, let me point that out before someone hijacks the thread. Now as far as UPS goes, I can definitely see that coming. UPS has been steadily shafting management on benefits way before Obama came along so I expect them to conveniently use the Obamacare excuse as they find another way to screw us over.