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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by wayne1970, Jun 30, 2010.

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    I work for one of the satellite freight zones. I'm in one state and my boss/dispatch is in another. I have had 5 shortages on payroll going back over the last 18 months. I have told my boss every time and faxed him a copy. NOT ONE single issue has been resolved. All I get is " I sent it to payroll."

    I'm missing mileage for training for driving my car. I'm missing cash twice from when payroll had a glitch and payed me a $2.48 less per hour for those weeks. I also signed up for Aetnas health assessment to get the $100 gift card ( so did my wife). They taxed it as income as they should but then deducted $100 for each gift card from my pay. NOW that is not a gift! I'm out $200 for what was supposed to be a gift card for healthy habits through UPS and Aetna

    My boss has not gotten any of these resolved for me and these are really adding up. I have been told I can not contact payroll directly when I asked so how the heck do I get all the $ I have been shorted????
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    File a grievance on each and every one of the shortages.
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    I assume you mean with the local union? We finally got in the union about 8 weeks ago. Can I file even though some of these mistakes were made before we were officially in? I am a newbie so I am a bit clueless how this works.
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    There is a member here who calls himself 705red. He is a shop steward and IMO the best source of information on the contract. Send him a PM. Dave.
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    Wayne you can file on any shortages since you have had a signed contract. The shortages that happened before you will have to make a complaint with the DOL, and your state wage commision.
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    Ok at least I can file with them on the last 200. Thank you for your help. I shall go google DOL and the state info.I can't wait until we have a terminal and a supervisor.

    Thanks again for helping out 705Red.
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    go ahead and fill out the grievance paper, then mail it to your nearest paper recycling plant