Any hubs over past 2 months been short staffed?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by msuspar2003, Mar 18, 2010.

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    I work at the DFW air hub and have never seen this few of people on staff. On my belt which we load 6 trailers only has 4 loaders which we always have had at least 5. Also with the 4 everyday we have to send someone to Unload for half a shift because they have no one working in unload. So we have 3 loaders loading 6 trailers. Weird thing is they said they hired people but have not seen them or even know where they put them. Is this just a way for the company to try to save money? Which it actually isnt saving them money because everyone on our belt stays till the end of the shift now rather than 1 or 2 people staying which ends up making it even with having less people money wise.

    It's weird you have these full time supervisors making all these changes but never see them around in the building. Even after being with the company for 2 years I could do I much better job than these fools are doing.
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    In my center they beg drivers to load and unload when they are done delivering. And there are always PT sups doing either pickoff or loading.
    I don't know why they refuse to hire anyone. 3-4 pters have quit in the last month and none have been replaced.
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    Yeah I love it when part time sups start doing work when they are not suppose to. Can't UPS or the supervisor get fined for that? I can't believe these supervisors know they dont have to do anything and arent suppose to but still do.
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    Packages have to make service whether the sort is fully staffed or not--this is why PT supervisors perform hourly work. The "fine" that you speak of is when employees such as yourself file grievances over supervisors working. Perhaps when enough grievances have been filed and paid they will hire enough employees so that the sups don't have to work. However, you should know that filing grievances, although allowed under the contract, may put you on their radar. Work safely, document and file for supervisors working.
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    You see, msuspar, in the real world, breach of contract lawsuits can bring multimillion dollar settlerments.
    In the "make believe" play world of big business and organized (?) labor, it is a theater and we are all actors with no real consequence.
    Every few years representatves for the company and representatives for the union meet to iron out a "contract". Because the company (your supervisor) and your union (your local union president) agree to what their negotiators iron out, that makes them party to the agreement.
    The company parties then take it upon themselves to "experiment" to see how far they can go as far as violating what is written in black and white print and then act all indignent (putting you on radar) when you call them on it.
    Knowingly violating the contract is programmed into managements mind as a gesture of disdain for the nasty ol' agreement and an organized workforce.
    .....and then they wonder where we get the "us versus them" mentality.