Any Oregon Upsers?

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  1. Bucko55

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    I have talked with HR about a possible transfer but I would like to find out from any Upsers in the Portland, OR area what it is like up there. Like, how strong is the Union up there? What is the PT to FT wait list look like?

    I am currently a loader/air driver in Southern California. 7 years in and I am still only 2nd to last on my driving seniority. I can manage to get preferred work in the preload but going FT looks bleak.

    My wife and I are pretty seriously looking into moving to get away from this area. Any advice from people who have transferred or current Oregon Upsers is welcome.

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    Soberups is from that area and is one of the most respected members of the forum. I am sure he will answer any questions that you may have (and will not spare any words in doing so--j/k--sort of) and will be a real good source of information for you.
  3. soberups

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    We have a very strong Local (162) with excellent representation and a BA who is at our building at least once a week.

    There are two buildings in the Portland metro area....Swan Island in Portland, and Tualatin which is south of Portland. There is also a facility at the airport, but most if not all of those jobs are PT. The wait to go from part to full time, unfortunately, is several years.

    You might also look into some of the buildings south of Portland on the I-5 corridor. Albany, Salem, Eugene, Springfield, Roseburg, Medford and Ashland all have package centers. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the reply. The only other question I can think of right now is, About how big are the Portland centers? The hub I would be coming from is about 5 belts, 100 routes. Maybe 22,000 daily packages.
  5. soberups

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    Tualatin building sends out around 140 routes a day, Swan Island a few more than that.
  6. uber

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    I'm at Swan Island, the biggest hub in Oregon. The daily volume is 100,000 plus. Wait time to be a driver is around 6 years give or take.

    The Union is strong. Crappy management for the most part. A lot of lazy FT combo's that don't work hard because they know they're out after 8 hours.
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    Salem Oregon here, awesome center manager right now work environment is good. 50 routes per day average.
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    My girlfriend and I wanna move to Eugene, Oregon to finish our degree's. How is the l location in Eugene?
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    If straight up quit UPS and got rehired in oregon 2 years ago. You might already be a fulltime driver. People with 2 years senority were getting hired. But once all the slots are filled the wait time will jump back up. I know more drivers are gonna switch to feeder in jan. So there will still be some spots open. But after that its gonna be a long wait. Just an assumption though.. because ups is random.
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    For a supervisor?
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    The Local Union here is strong, the B.A.'s don't let things slide.
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  12. Union is great here (local 162) I work out of Swan Island in Portland