Any other UPS cyclists?

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by non_bid_dawg, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. non_bid_dawg

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    I was Just curious, I'm a Non bid pkg car drivin mule, and I'm also a competitive cyclist. I try to do the 25mi (one way) commute to and from the hub at least once a week in the summer and I ride 3 to 5 times a week before or after work and race MTB-XC, Road Crits and Cyclocross on weekends depending on the time of year.
    I know I'm the only one in my building that does this and I'm curious if any body else is into it.
  2. rod

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    sounds like alot of work----my 2 wheeled transportation has a motor on it:peaceful: I think you have to talk to Steve
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  4. brownrodster

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    I used to race cat 2 cyclocross and semipro XC. But not since I becamse a pkg driver. All riding stopped. This was all when I was PT or in college.
  5. non_bid_dawg

    non_bid_dawg 32 routes in 3 centers..

    Wow..that's too bad, sorry to hear that. I get a lot of the guys in my center telling me I'm nuts for doing what I do cycling wise but the way I see it is that I refuse to let my job dictate what I do when I'm not wearing brown. As for 2 wheels and a maybe when I'm 80 years old cuz I plan to be cycling into my 70s! :happy-very:
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    I used to ride a lot. 3-5 hours per day at least 4 days a week then lighter days were 1.5-3 hours. I am just too tired as a driver to go ride 100+ miles on a day off. I'm toast. Saturday is a sit at home and do nothing and recover day. Riding my bike 100 miles is easier than a day being a package driver.
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    ive done the 25mile trek thru chicago downtown twice. Its called the Late Ride. Starts at 1am til 6am or when ever you finish, I take my whole family with me . i was especially proud of my 2 sons 8 and 15 , they rode the whole ride with me for the first time and they did great.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Steve is in NYC this weekend with his family and hopefully he left his laptop at home. He is probably the most avid bicyclist that I know of on BC.
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    Since getting married several years ago I am down to centuries on Sundays. Saturday is my recovery day for the week. We do most of our riding on our tandems but I try to get in two fun MTB races every year,:bigsmile2: on my single - 24 hours of Afton and Chequamegon. Training is difficult at best after spending the day delivering but the job does keep us in pretty good shape. I used to train a lot but that's very difficult due to 1)perpetually sore feet 2)nagging overuse injuries 3)too much food required:spaghetti:.
    At a tandem rally last year we saw a couple wearing UPS jerseys:no:...there should be a law.
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    Did you read my thread on bike commuting?

    Just rode home after working a 9/5. Didn't fuel up as well as I should have and rode the last mile on empty. When I got home I absolutely devoured 5 slices of Papa John's pizza that was just delivered.

    I'm in Florida and ride flats mostly. Only hills in my area are bridges and sand dunes. I ride about 150 miles a week, rain or shine. I've met several other bike commuters as well as hardcore cyclists since I've started. I do my long rides on Saturdays alone or with friends, and leave Sunday's for church and rest. On Saturday I will go anywhere from a 25/35 mile ride, up to 75/85 miles. I'm a road rider on a Trek 1.2.

    Another user on here, Mike Hawk, is a MTB guy. You may wanna PM him and chat him up about what he does.