Any Thoughts On New BOD Members?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by susiedriver, Aug 11, 2005.

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    Stuart E. Eizenstat seems to be a decent choice. May help the company grow overseas, the only place there is room for it to grow.

    Burns, I'm not so sure of.

    Anyone have any other thoughts? I would really like to see some 'outside the box' thinking at the helm, otherwise I don't see much future for the company.
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    Burns comes from Dana, an auto supplier, which may bring a certain expertise as it relates to that field among others. Eizenstat was an official in both the Carter and Clinton adminstrations so he brings an expertise on gov't affairs along with probably some connections.

    <font color="ff0000">I don't see much future for the company.</font>

    This attitude (I have it too) is really starting to spread like wildfire through the company and not just with hourlies but also management. Those who really care on both sides are frustrated because they see no vision, no real direction, no leadership if you will. UPS, for all it's ills, was once a vision, a place in the future you could look and focus on. You had a sense of real direction and the goal was clearly defined.

    Today's UPS IMHO is not the case. All efforts seemed to be focused on one thing and that is on gaining a certain stock price. Warren Buffet has said many times, "you buy companies, you don't buy stock!" UPS should stop trying to be a stock and start trying to be a company again.

    It's an old movie cliche but it's holds true:
    <font color="ff0000">"IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME!" </font>

  3. susiedriver

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    Burns was with GM before Dana. Neither company has really produced (for their shareholders). He seems to be more of an 'Old Boy's Club' choice.