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    I think he meant the "write your own ticket" thing.
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    I know what a a + p is dude. I said not sure what you mean by write you own ticket. I just asked for advise I have my A+P airframe and Powerplant license.
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    Exactly what I meant thankyou
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    "Write your own ticket" means that there is a shortage of qualified people with their Airframe and Powerplant Licenses to the point where you could just about chose what company you want to work for and how much you want to get paid.
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    Ya but I have been with ups for seven years I hate to just give it up and leave. That's the whole reason I have been working two jobs to gain my experience as a mechanic which I have and transfer over. But when I apply for a ups aircraft mechanic spot it won't let me because it says I am a current employee. I need help on how to apply being that I already work at ups and it won't let me apply because I am a current employee there now.
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    You won't be able to apply online as a current employee because they are separate divisions. You need to get your local HR and mgt team to work with the HR and mgt team at the district level to see what can be done to allow you to apply for the aircraft mechanic opening. Good luck.
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    The airline requires heavy jet experience to get on as an A&P (AKA AMT). This thread died when "Warden Johnson" took access to the computers away from the mechanics during work hours. It was actually pretty funny. The mechanics for the most part are a pretty good lot, but there is that 10% that I enjoy watching them get their dumb asses in trouble.
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    Wow I have been out of here since the last mechanics contract in 2011, I think. And here we are, way past our contract due date, with full retro pay on the table. Same things apply as far as contract pay- UPS has made record profits from the Air side.

    "The mechanics for the most part are a pretty good lot, but there is that 10% that I enjoy watching them get their dumb asses in trouble."

    What kind of trouble would you be aware of? Not wearing a vest? Not drinking enough water? If you are speaking of FAA concerned actions, why would anyone confide in you? Just askin...