Applying for a Corporate Job while working part time

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    How do I go about applying for a corporate job while being a part time employee? I found a corporate job @ and when i tired fill out the application I was unable to do so. It stated I needed to contact my supervisor and go from there. After a quick call it turns out i am better off asking here, as he didn’t seem like he had a clue.
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    Ask to see a Human Resources rep for your area. They should be able to assist you. Let him/her know what job you are interested in and what your qualifications are for the position.

    I'm sure that is why you were directed by the site to do so, as an existing employee. Which is not a bad thing, to make your intentions known within your building and with HR.

    If you are truly interested in the Corporate job, continue to follow up to ensure your application is in consideration for the position

    Good Luck
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    I know that for an hourly to apply for a management position they must submit a letter of application. I do not know if this would also apply to a corporate job.
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    Well, there are a few things to consider before going corporate. First, are you ugly? If you are, then you should def think about applying. Second, do you dress awkwardly, with just a touch of hideousness? You're one step closer. Finally, are you overweight and super ugly? You are qualified. Submit your application ASAP!

    (PS Tieguy, this is not a dig at management) Just corporate geeks:devil3:
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    Let's not let this fun thread die, ya'll. Show some love for corporate...
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    When applying for corporate jobs be prepared to hear these two words alot:

    no relocation

    And prepare for cube warfare:

    My Cubicle - James Blunt Beautiful parody

    Cube warfare weaponry