APWA Legal Staff Tom Coleman (anti-union)?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Wake-Up, Jul 9, 2006.

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    in this reply BS it mentions a few times that the union was sued to open the books, this is all supposed to be public record why do you have to sue to get the records could someone please explain that.you have to sue to get info for what you have a financial obligation ,what's up with that
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    Why would anyone vote for Hoffa, I just don't understand. A labor lawyer with a history of representing corrupt union bosses might be a questionable choice as a leader of a union with a history of corruption.
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    This is kind of misleading. Hoffa's only real "Teamster" position was the one that he took in 1993 as an Administrative Assistant. The other "Teamster" stints were for temporary summer positions...no different from a driver helper who gets mail from the Teamsters now a days.

    Why would a successful lawyer accept a position as an administrative assistant? Pretty sleazy to accept that position just to quality and setup a run at President.
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    I agree, my point is, if he is not representing the members, who is he representing?:confused:1
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    Could it be that some politico took the fact of that last sentence and twisted it just a little for political gain? Research Bush's DOL transition team and you'll learn the IBT official was James P. Hoffa. As for Hoffa and mob corruption, Hoffa's law partner was offed in a mob hit (Goggle James P. Hoffa and find that link pretty quick) and when Hoffa came to be IBT President he installed an independent body to investigate and clean out mob corruption and started pressing the US gov't from IBT oversite. It was long before the entire independent investigating team Hoffa has brought in quit because of stonewalling, etc. and Hoffa to this point has never got that going again. Also Goggle search will quickly bring this up.

    For the record, I'm no supporter of Hoffa nor am I a supporter of Leedham. Carey may have been ultimately found innocent in court but I still believe he was a bad union leader as I do believe he used a number of circumstances to take us into a strike for purely personal political gain and nothing more. As of yet, I've not seen anyone on the scene worthy of my support to be IBT President and that's a prety sad and discouraging statement for a 25 year IBT member to have to make about his own union.

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    Let’s recap what we’ve learned so far.

    The APWA has hired a lawyer who works for a firm that specializes in Union busting. James P. Hoffa, while a working as a Teamster lawyer, has represented union bosses with mob ties. Junior left his lawyer job to become an administrative assistant for the Teamsters in order to run for President (Teamster Lawyer doesn’t count as employee status for an elected position).

    Personally, I don’t care for Hoffa. I blame him for the reduction in our pension benefits. I certainly wouldn’t trust a lawyer whose claim to fame is union busting (Coleman).

    Bottom line, the ‘everyone knows’ about Hoffa being an ‘anti-union’ lawyer charges are without merit, and if your only choices are Teamsters or APWA, you’re in a world of hurt. Glad I no longer have a dog in this hunt.