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    hearing a range of 2.77 to the same 2.93 here in
    the Midwest. November 10 for the IPO at a price of
    $41.50. Any talk of what's going to happen with
    OPL. Some say it'll be dissolved and current OPL
    shareowners will get new UPS shares. Seems like a
    stretch, but if UPS has to absorb the excess value
    income, shouldn't all of OPL end up in the balance
    sheet? Just as
  2. george

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    Well my two cents says 2.7 mip/ wishful but possible 2.93. Last hurray by the big brown cow may just give us an extrace 1.0 and say thanks to east the pain of the new incentive program.
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    See my post on Motley Fool, #3068.

    I do the math there for the MIP....My guess is 2.65. I love the 2.93 or even the 3.7 but the numbers do not support a figure that high.
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    keep an eye om Tumbleweed
  5. anonymous

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    I heard it was gonna be TNT.
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    I heard that we have three possible package company acquistions in the works now. They are DHL, TNT, and ABX. In addition, I know we are looking at Tumbleweed and possibly a private e-commerce development company that has done some work for us.
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    What does mip mean can someone explain
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    The tactics from the Yahoo story.Such as targeting union sympathizers and organizers for discipline and termination.
  10. buck

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    Is that a generalized statement that refers to the tactics of every company in the United States that has organized labor?

    Do you think that it is a nationwide conspiracy against union sympathizers?

    Do you have first hand knowledge of the Overnite tactics?

    Do you work for Overnite?
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    Last I heard was 2.65 for the MIP. All things are pointing in that direction. I'm sure everyone hopes it will be higher. That would make for a nice finish to the year.
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    There was some talk in my area that UPS will acquire iShip. The Internet presence is there and they've been in the news quite a bit lately. It would be a high visibility Internet play.
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    2.88 here in NYC.......take the money and run
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    Someone told me that there's a possibility that future MIP may be awarded in options for 1 unit management. Is that true?
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    In conversation today with SDF still hearing 2.93
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    The people that I talked to today indicated that a company that has access to China's business community and air routes would be the best acquisition at this point. They didn't come right out and say that there was an acquisition in the pipeline, but they certainly were enthusiastic about the idea.
    Chinese culture values long term relationships and buying into a company that has that relationship in place would be a great strategy.
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    Just confirmed from Corp Office. Its 2.63
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    Its official, MIP is 2.63.
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    Lets start the ball rolling on OPL talk. Other boards are flooded with all the different rumors. We should expect to hear more info soon after the IPO next week.