Article 22 section 6 Part Time Employee Transfer

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    Has anyone ever or do you know anyone who has done the transfer? I would like some advice about how to go about it. I checked they are hiring part-time package handlers at the location. It says in the contract "submit a written request to the employer". Do I submit it to my sup? Send it to the CEO? Thanks in Advance for any help. Also, any info about hours/ work situation for a part-time employee endtailed at the raleigh hub would help too.
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    you will want to give a
    copy of the letter to the following people union steward, both pat and full time sups, shift and hub managers. You might think about giving on to your hr rep as well. Make sure you put in your letter that the hub you want to go to is hiring off the street for package handlers. The reason you need to put that in is because curant employees get first call on jobs.... Seniority pending. And get in touch with the new hubs, hub manager and tell him/her what you want to do.
    That is all I can think of besides enrolling in school near there
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    I would imagine that the OP has taken care of it seeing has how this was started in 2009.