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    I'm curious would any of you consider bidding from a full time driver position to an article 22 (combining two part time jobs into one 8 hour job)?

    the pros
    *Starting late afternoon riding around in a van picking up ltr boxes and oca (very easy and stress free)

    *Having off all day for golf, working out, fishing and anything else you cant do as a full time driver.

    *off road and not having to deal with delivery and pickup of 500 pkgs a day.

    *no more up and down in an old p8 with what seems like a 2 foot high step.

    The Cons
    *after oca pickups having to Work in building as instructed aka if they like you clerk work if they hate you loading feeders and washing cars.

    *around 4 dollars less per hour

    *no overtime 40 hrs a week

    *cant bid back into full time driving or feeders if that ever comes up

    I would like a little feedback from my fellow full-time drivers tired of working 10 - 11 hour days and seeing the rule book and bs getting bigger and bigger.
  2. over9five

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    "*cant bid back into full time driving or feeders if that ever comes up"

    Why not?
    We have had several drivers come back after bidding 22.3 for a year.

    As for me, I couldn't take the pay loss.
  3. Just Lurking

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    *after oca pickups having to Work in building as instructed aka if they like you clerk work if they hate you loading feeders and washing cars.

    All of our 22.3 jobs are bid specifically local sort/clerk, local sort/car wash, preload/air driver, etc. should be easy job/hard job.

    Everyone works has directed but you should atleast have detailed bid. The company has tried to eliminate 22.3 jobs here because work has been absorbed. If you win a 22.3 bid, you need to protect it just like your bid route area.
  4. cashmen

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    I beleive your the money that goes into your pension is not as much as a Full time driver.....which is why i wouldnt do it! and the less pay sucks, too!
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    If I were you I would take that article 22. Sure you'll make more as a driver but you'll also be taxed more which would shrink the difference some. Just the reduction in stress alone is worth it IMO. If you can afford the reduced pay then I'm sure you'll be more than happy with the decision of going combo.
  6. Just Lurking

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    Pension/Healthcare payments are at the same level for all full-timers.

    Under that logic 22.3 make less means less pension then feeders should equal slightly higher pension because they make slightly more than package.
  7. We have one 22.3 guy who preloads and then clerks or runs extra packages
    then sets up the building for outbound(pulling trailers on the doors etc.)

    Then another who is Air/Clerk and sometimes runs late deliveries out.

    I'd probably do either one.. probably the morning one more than anything.

    And I think if you bid it you keep your current pay rate, just the hours
    are reduced.
  8. disneyworld

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    Couldn't agree more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Our ONE combo guy works preload and is SUPPOSED to deliver air afterwards but he goes home when preload is finished. He only works 4.5 -5 hours and will deliver air if he feels like it or begged by management. What a sham job. Because of him the job is going away whenever he vacates the postion. I guess the numbers don't justify the job. So because of him we will no longer have a combo job later down the line. Our center should have at least two combo jobs and one more feeder driver but we don't. What can we do about it?
  10. opie

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    My center has a couple dozen "combo" jobs opening up. Around 50 openings, and there are maybe around 30 something left. Each month they will have openings. A lot of people who have a lot of senority are going into FT combo. Basically I guess one shift is non-physical work and the other shift you sort, load, unload etc...Some people don't want to go driving because of the pressure, hours, don't know how to drive a stick shift, etc...I made my bid for it and I may get the FT combo. If I want to go driving I can go for that too. The pay for FT combo is pretty good, once you reach top pay you'll be making $40k+. With FT driving you can make 20-30k+ more. So going from driving to combo, you probably are going to take a big paycut. I am not sure if you would keep your current rate, probably not. I'm going to shoot for the 22.3 combo job and maybe down the road consider driving; either package or feeders.
  11. trickpony1

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    Big Arrow UP-
    Where's your union?
    If the work remains even though the current guy isn't doing it and you're saying they won't replace him when he leaves then who will the work get pushed off on and why doesn't the guy just work preload and let someone who is eager/willing do the combo job?
    Explain to mgnt that there are employees who are willing/need to work the hours the job entails.
    Is there language about the two combo jobs and/or feeder drive job that should be in place but isn't because mgnt is too tight or wants the numbers looking good?
    Talking to mgnt probably won't do any good I would take your concern to the union steward/business agent.
    Possibly mgnt doesn't want the added burden of creating, staffing, scheduling, etc the two combo jobs and feeder job you mention. I've seen that before.
  12. Hangingon

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    You would get the pay scale of the job you're bidding into, not keep the FT Driver pay.
  13. Big Arrow Up see my post on the thread "No rights whatsoever", assuming that you work at a HUB.
  14. gerardthetard

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    I would love to bid into an Article 22 job and give a younger member a shot at my driving job. At our center only part timers are allowed to bid a 22, and once they are in they stay in until they quit. Our local claims the only way a ft driver can bid a 22 is if the current 22 bids a driving job. What's up with that?
  15. Sounds like your union is interpreting the contract differently than others, being the purpose of the creation of the 22.3 jobs. Some interpret them as to allow more part-timers the chance to become full-time, so only they can bid the initial offering. Others go by company seniority figuring if a full-timer wins, a full-time job will eventually be offered to part-time because of it (3 full-time moves than to part-time). However then language that gives the company the right to hire one off the street for so many part-time potentially would prevent a part-timer from getting a full-time job if a ft employee wins a 22.3 job.
  16. sean c

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    i bid one of the 22.3 jobs in my was the best move i have ever made.20.000 cut in pay from my last year of driving,but im out with my kids at 330 in the afternoon.also my body and back has never felt so my advice is dont be blinded by the money.there is more to life than that.
  17. Braveheart

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    The combo jobs help everybody. The union gets more people who will fund the pension and pay dues. UPS gets to reduce turnover and increase job quality because a full timer making 35k to 45k is less likely to quit and will actually give a damn due to wanting to keep the good paying job, benefits, and pension. The employees get more full time jobs with some part timers getting a promotion and other full timers downshifting to prolong their careers and actually make it to retirement. The combo full timers can help train and tutor all the young part timers since they are veterans and improve the part time shifts. Who knows, maybe we can reduce the need for all the useless managers and send them packing which also saves UPS money.
  18. browndo4u80

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    thats right ups 28 yrs as of 8/19/80 driver 86 to 2007 now article 22 for a year.preload 4:30-8:30 lunch then driver helper unloading feeder with feeder driver.8.25 hrs only but it is cool get to go home early and no stress.budget and it pays off love it do small in the unload lots of bags but bag at a time for this 57 yr old lady go for it
  19. cachsux

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    At our building 22.3 start around the clock. As far as bidding one a 22.3 job,for myself,there is no snowballs chance. I did that work 20 years ago and worked my way out of it,why go back?
  20. Nitelite

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    In regards to the guy above me. Why go back? Why leave in the first place. I'll explain how things work at the HUB I work in. Our HUB has 125s (Full-Timers that work inside and make top driving rate even though they don't drive, they just load, sort, unload, do bulk, small sort etc for 8 hours), Combo guys, and ofcourse P/Ters. When a 125 job becomes vacant, a bid list goes up and the senior Combo worker gets it. Then that combo job gets posted and the most senior part time bidder gets that job. Now, every year (now its two years), all jobs are rebid. They take all the full timers (125s, Drivers, and Combo) and go down the list in seniority order and have each person rebid. Occasionally drivers come into the building and take a 125 job to get off the road since they don't take a pay cut, sometimes the opposite happens. 125 hours are from 12-1pm until 10-11pm. There is no problem with drivers or 125s bidding a combo job. If another 125 or driver slot opens, and they want to get back into it, since they are usually high on the Ft seniority list, they have no problems. This year we had about 8 vacant 125 jobs when bidding started and about 11 combo jobs. All the 125s were filled by combo workers, so there were 18 combo jobs (of which, I was top seniority part time bidder and got my first pick of the available combo jobs). As far as no overtime, that works different for all hubs. My first half I do revenue auditing. For my second half, I sort on the sort aisle on the nightsort. I don't leave until the sort goes down, which usually puts me into the OT. Fridays, everyone wants to go home (usually management and hourlies) so they declare an emergency and work sups (even if its really low volume). Its good because I have the option of getting out before my 8 hours OR staying and working as late as I want at the wrap table to get extra hours since here in my hub, if they work sups, they can't kick any full timers out until everything is done, and since everything is never done, its basically how ever many hours you want to work. The guys that do the liquid damage crap get 10+ hours OT a week. So it depends on the hub. Right now, Combo at top rate make $23 if they start after 5pm in our hub. That's 46k just working 40 hours a week. At end of contract, if we get all our raises and half of it doesn't get kicked to the pension (which I am sure some will), we'd top out at $26.70 or so at the end of the contract. I'll take that over losing my life driving anytime. **Edit, apologies for the wall of text. For some reasons, my enters are not registering.