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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by soberups, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. soberups

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    Fun Time!.jpgIts tough to beat a warm, sunny Saturday at the range with new toys. My two new acquisitions; a S&W M66-3 .357 Magnum and a Glock 26 9mm. Old school meets new school, side-by-side.

    The Glock is a better overall carry gun; its lighter, more compact, and it has 10+1 capacity. It can also use Glock 19 mags, which hold 15 rounds instead of 10. It is a piece of precision Austrian engineering made of space-age polymer. Its accurate, reliable, and it just plain works.:thumbup1:

    The Smith and Wesson is a classic stainless-steel six-shooter. You can plink all day with cheap and easy .38 Specials, then stoke it full of 158 gr. .357 Magnum hollowpoints for defense against predators of the 2 or 4-legged variety. The recoil and muzzle blast are impressive. It is a mean looking, bad-assed gun.:devil:

    If guns were cars then the Glock would be a BMW 325i, while the Smith and Wesson would be a 1969 Camaro with a built 327, a 4 barrel carb, and cherry bomb mufflers.

    Fun Time!.jpg
    Fun Time!.jpg
  2. cosmictrucker

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    I'll take the Glock/BMW 325i please. :)
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    Which gun would be the Maybach??
  4. jimstud

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    i prefer the old colt model 1911 , i personally don't need a 15 shot cllip and i like the fact that 1 of those 45 cal. rounds will knock someone down even if you hit them in the pinky finger.
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    When Chuck Heston died I was very upset I love the N.R.A.
  6. over9five

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    I don't like Glocks EXCEPT they say you can roll them around in the mud and they'll always function! Very reliable, they say.

    Like Jimstud, I like a .45. Now in the middle of summer tho, I carry a .380. Hard to hide that P345 in my speedo
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    Carry a .380 but not in my Speedo ... main is a S&W 9 mm / 11 clip
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  8. soberups

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    Glocks are admittedly quite ugly...but for me the beauty lies in proper function. My Glock is the most accurate gun I have ever owned, and the easiest to shoot well. The trigger pull is long but with a little "catch" right at the end that tells you when its about to break. And they have a Tenifer coating that is even more rust-resistant than stainless steel. They just plain work.

    I'm not a fan of the little .380 autos, a lot of them have reliability issues and I dont trust the .380 rounds to stop some tweaker. My summer "pocket gun" is a Ruger LCR .38 Special airweight snubbie. It weighs just 13.5 ounces and if I stick it in a Galco Pro pocket holster I can drop it into the front pocket of my khaklis or denim shorts and it just vanishes. It will never jam, and loaded with 158 gr. +P hollowpoints it is equal to the 9mm and just a step down from the .357 Mag in terms of stopping power.
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    I thought you would at least show us some of your range skills. How about uploading some picks of you firing those things? Video would also be nice.:happy2:
  10. soberups

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    I dont own a video camera or a tripod, and there was no one else at the range that day to take pics of me with my cell phone.

    And I make no claim to having exceptional range skills. I am a reasonably good shot, but far from being an expert. I am more of a casual plinker who likes to release his frustrations by blowing holes in pieces of paper or unsuspecting pop cans.
  11. soberups

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    Funny videos to be sure, but...

    I am proud of the fact that in almost 14 years of having a concealed-carry permit, I have never once had to draw my weapon. There have been a handful of occasions where I found myself in situations that were starting to seem threatening...and in all of those occasions I chose to simply leave the area peacefully and without incident. In my entire 43 year lifetime, I have never been in a fight of any kind.

    I have an ego and I have a gun....but I never carry both of them at the same time.:peaceful:
  12. jimstud

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    I have an ego and I have a gun....but I never carry both of them at the same time.
    words to live by
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    I have a Dan Wesson .357 thats fun to shoot, although I haven't taken it out in a while. I have been thinking about selling or trading a Winchester Model 94 .375 rifle I don't shoot anymore for .40 caliber automatic of some kind.
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    I have 2 .45's. Colt MK IV Series 70 Government Model and a Thompson.
    This is the Colt. I love my .45's.

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    What's with the Orange?

  19. over9five

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    I love those grips, Dilli!
  20. dilligaf

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    Thanks but I can't take credit for them. That is the way I bought the gun. I do love it. It's a beautiful gun and sweet to shoot.