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  1. Can anyone tell which centers have the shortest wait times to become a driver in the North Atlanta area ? thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    PM Scratch he works out of one of the atl centers
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    You are asking about the Centers on the North side, so I am thinking you want to get in at the Pleasantdale Hub (P'Dale as we call it), or maybe Roswell Center. I know we have several members that work in those places, so I hope someone can help you. I started out in the Atlanta Hub on the west side, but I am now in the Forest Park Hub just south of the airport. I am not sure of the wait time, although I do know of at least two drivers that were practically hired off the street. One got hired on the Preload. There was a driving class coming up and he went. He started driving as a Cover Driver one month later.
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    Usually the smaller the center the better. It takes less time because there aren't as many people waiting for the same jobs to be vacated. the hubs the full-time/part-time ratio is probably something like 1/20. That means that 20 people are waiting on a full-timer to quit, retire, get fired, etc., in order for them to move up to driving. In my small center the ratio is less than 1/2. Meaning for every full-timer there is two part-timers.
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    I saw this thread a few days ago and forgot to respond. I work in P'Dale, which is just north of I-285 in Dekalb County. The wait time to go full-time driving is around 7 years. The wait time at Roswell and the Atlanta hub (Fulton Industrial) I've heard is the same so I would work at the hub that is closest to you. I'm not sure about the hub in Athens but I met a guy from there when we were in cover driver class together and he had been there over 5 years and he was just becoming a part-time cover driver. Also, there are less routes in Athens (pretty much a rural hub) so there are less driving opportunities. Atlanta and P-Dale have over 300 routes in each hub and Roswell is close to that number.

    The opportunity to drive as a part-timer is easy at P'dale once you start in the hub. They are always looking for someone to drive on Saturday. The best way to do this (there is no bidding for Saturday air's pretty much a free for all, show up and drive kind of thing) is to talk to a driving supervisor and find out which driving supervisor is in charge of Saturday air and tell him you want to drive. Since they need people to cover and he's in charge, he will be more than happy to help you get a road test and DOT physical to start. After you get started on Saturdays, you can sign up on a bid sheet for Part-time cover driver. They are currently hiring around 20 PT Cover drivers at P-Dale since we just promoted 20 PT'ers to Full-time drivers. I was one of the ones that got promoted. I have been here for almost 7 years. Hope this helps!