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    Want to get an idea of work environment around. How would you rate your on cars, center managers, shop stewards?
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    On a scale of 1 to 10:

    On-car 7

    center manager 5

    PDS 5

    Steward 3

    Our on-car is retiring this month. He is the sole advocate for the drivers and we all fear the changes sure to come. While I get along with the center manager and have had no problems, there is a petition being circulated amongst the drivers due to the abusive treatment, harassment and threats of termination two of our drivers recently received on a very stressful Friday morning. I also get along with the PDS but have found that he is not receptive to suggestions and once a plan is in place it is very hard to get changes made. Our shop steward is ineffective. He shows up at 9:14 (we start at 9:15) making it very difficult for drivers to discuss any concerns that they may have. To be fair, he does submit grievances in a timely manner and follows up on them with the BA.
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    Just check the ERI. I wore out the number 5 key though.
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    Or check out the am I the only one thread. Virtually the exact same topic as this one.
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    On a scale of 1 to 10:

    On-car 8- new on car, but very inattentive to the needs of her employees

    center manager 9 very effective, has an open door policy, and knows how to turn off ":censored2:" mode to accommodate workforce needs. Go to guy if you want a promotion as management or a transfer as union.

    FT sups 5(AN AVERAGE) Some are very inexperienced, some are chronic liars and master politicians, others just scream and act like a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:s

    PT sups 4(average), between convicted felons, drug addicts,weirdos, college graduates,pseudo teamsters, laid back types and FT candidates, this field varies as well

    Stewards 8(Average) of our 3, One is very diplomatic with management but applies the contract fairly, the other is more gunhoe about sups working, grievances, but very approachable, but he also encourages the employee to retaliate against management by doing things that deliberately impede the operation, the last one is more laid back, stress free type not attentive to union concerns like the previous two.

    Div M - Very effective speaker, knows how to rattle the operation. Promotes people regularly.
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    On a scale of 1 to 10:

    On-Cars: One is a 6 as he is decent but not effective with following through on things (8hr requests, paperwork, etc.) The other is an 8 as she is more realistic and is more receptive to ideas and actually follows through with what needs to be done. They tend to play good cop/bad cop but I do actually get along with them both

    Stewards: One is a 9-- fair on both sides, fights to uphold the contract and helps to keep communication open to managemnt. The other is more of a 6 as he only seems interested in helping his pick of people and gives you a hard time to get grievances and questions answered. The third is a gossip monger. He can answer questions but its like pulling teeth to get him to file paperwork for you or anything else.

    center manager: 3 at best on a GOOD day. He has this God complex, lies like no tomorrow and is full of more shat than a hog house in the south. I don't trust him one bit. I believe he'd sell his own mother to UPS for a promotion/bonus.

    DM: 6. He seems decent but gives you plastic/robotic vibe.

    PT Sups: Useless save for 3 out of 15 of them.


    We must have the same guy! However Id rank him at a Negative 3, just a total piece of..........................
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    Why do you want to know????

    Nothing is going to change, so why dwell on it?