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    Well I just got my ballot today..and GUESS WHAT???!!! The International FAILED to provide the MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING regarding Article 1. for us to read. Gee, what a :censored2:ing coincidence!!! They obviously don't want the majority of voters to see that. This just makes me sick.. Like I said before.. SAY GOODBYE TO FEEDERS !!! and HELLO to UPS LOGISTICS !!!

    PLEASE VOTE NO ON THIS CONTRACT OR WE CAN SAY GOODBYE TO FEEDERS. PASS THIS NEWS ON TO THE PART-TIMERS IN YOUR BUILDING AND THE PACKAGE CAR DRIVERS. If you vote yes, you'll be screwing over your fellow Feeder brothers/sisters. And once we get laid off.. we can't go back into packages so we'll wind up back in the Hub/Center either loading/unloading, or sorting, etc.

    Read my post titled "GOODBYE FEEDERS" to know what I'm talking about.

    Don't let the International get away with's a scam and I'm sure the counting of the votes is a scam too... they want this contract to pass and they will do whatever it takes to make sure it does..WITH or WITHOUT your vote.. Damn I wish I could be there when they get the ballots.. Will anybody who's not on the Negotiating Committee be there?? I don't trust the USPS with our ballots either..
    Why are the ballots going to Lanham Maryland? And a PO Box on top of it !!..what's on the other side of the box..a trash can???

    It's going to pass no matter what.. I might as well start putting my applications out now..
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    You really need to get some help for your raging paranoia.

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    PLEASE GOD HELP ME FOR WHAT I'M ABOUT TO SAY but I agree with drooler. LOL! "IF" this memorandum is in the contract and "IF" the union intentionally left it out of the ballots, then the contract itself is void upon it's face because of an act of fraud on the part of the union. I personally don't see this to be the case but I do have some good news. X-Files is showing re-runs on the Sci-Fi channel and I'll bet those little aliens have that memorandum you're looking for. You know the ones I'm talking about, the aliens hanging out with Big Foot and attending the Bilderberger and Council on Foreign Relations meetings. They have it I'm sure.
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    WKMAC.. Drooler..
    ok numbnuts..
    Give me a few days to get the Memorandum Of Understanding concerning this all typed out for you... So for now, go watch your X-Files till I get back... brain !

    but for's Feedrman73's post from the Goodbye Feeders thread that should render some proof to what I'm saying.

    The contract forbids UPS from setting up a new company or using an existing company (UPS logistics) from using its own equipment or hiring someone to drive their equipment to move UPS freight or to compete directy against itself much like Conway did to Consolidated.
    However, and this is a big HOWEVER, the memorandum of understanding exempts the use of a subcontractor that has his or her own equipment to move the freight. As long as the driver is not an employee of UPS and is not driving a UPS tractor our Union brothers can not grieve it. You can not grieve something if the contract says its "Okie Dokie".
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    You typying out this memorandum and posting on the net doesn't mean a thing. It doesn't make it valid. As you said, this memorandum is not in the ballot (I didn't see it either and I looked after also seeing the Goodbye Feeder thread) and therefore very suspect as to it's existance. Could the union have left it out to fool us? Absolutely but the odds are long because this is gross fraud and not only voids the contract but creates many other scenarios that the union would not want. It also would have the appearance of collusion with the company and in this day of Corp. fraud and dishonesty this is the last thing UPS would want the appearance of. Could the union have even agreed to such a situation to begin with? Sure they could because the union itself is a business just like UPS and like UPS IMO they would sacrifice one part to greater benefit something else but look at some facts before you jump.

    1) Central States is in trouble and a large removal of Feeder Drivers places that fund in even more trouble.

    2) The union itself is in trouble and high pay drivers pay premium union dues so that one pretty well explains itself.

    3) UPS is currently working with Mack to develop the next generation Mack tractor to be used with Feeder. Now if UPS is getting rid of Feeder as you say, then why go to all that effort with Mack to do this. BTW: I've seen the tractor firsthand and it's a nice one for sure.

    4) Independant's use their own equipment so the Brown Truck is gone but UPS is currently branding Brown in it's advertising. That Brown tractor rolling down the highway also has advertising value because as people see it this places the company brand into their head. A shiney wheel can't have that effect for your business.

    These are just a few and I'm sure we could list more reasons or we could also list why the company would want to get rid of feeder but at this point I'm not convinced they are doing this. My gut feeling right now is this issue has more to do with TDU than with UPS, Hoffa and the Teamsters. Get some documented proof (not something just off a website) and I'll give it just consideration but until then don't fall for the latest conspiracy theory. JMO.
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    Someone agrees with me????? No way!!!!! I don't even make sense to myself!

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    I don't know much about TDU or what they and the Hoffa Committee are trying to do to each other. All I know is that, shortly after we received the announcement of the tentative aggreement..our BAs received their copies of the new language including new Memorandums from the IBT. Then my stewards got their copies and they made a dozen copies to give to a few drivers and part timers to look over. There was a page with a Memorandum of Understanding that exempted Tractor Trailer Operators from violating Article 1 Sec 4 as long as they were using their OWN equipment.
    After reading that and then reading the new language barring laid off full timers from bumping Junior package Car drivers (or any other skilled-full time job) unless they have done that work within the past 18 months, started to seem a bit diabolical. This would also allow the Company to save money in order to compete directly with FedEX Ground. In a sense, UPS would then be running a feeder operation much like FedEx's.
    So when I got my ballots and copies of the National, Central Region, and Rider..I noticed that the rider was the only one with the Memorandums added in the back. The National and Central had nothing. So right away, how could I not feel that something devious is going on?
    And your right..this would be major fraud and that issue has already been discussed with my BA and my stewards. I'm not the only one that is hyped up about this situation...many in my district are talking about it.
    It hard NOT to sound paranoid when you got 20+ years left in your career and your just wondering if your gonna even make it pass the next six. I have been there a long time (mostly as a part timer) and I don't want to have gone through all that time for yes, call me paranoid if you want..but these are different times and drastic changes are to be expected.
    I'm sure in '97 there were management people telling "paranoid" management not worry about the Union striking them..and look what happpen.. Don't think the company has forgotten about that...
    UPS plans 10 years down the road to get where they want to be..not just in 1 or 2 years.
    I'm just being cautious and I want others to be cautious too.
    You made some very good points in your last post WKMAC.. I hope your right I really do...
    but right now my mind is open to everything.. And I'm doing my part as an involved Teamster, rather than one that just looks the other way and thinks everything will always go smoothly. Heh, I talked to one package car driver yesterday and asked him if he voted yet..he said "yeah" I said, "did you read the proposals?" He said, "naaa, I just want to get this crap over with.." I was stunned, and he has about 15 years seniority on me. I wish I could be that laid back !
    Well, I guess we really won't know the truth about everything until we get our hard copies..
    Have a nice day and I'll still get the info on the Memorandum I was talking about.
  8. Wake up people feedryver is right the hall had a meeting on the contract and the read the MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING I found it funny Why was it left out of the copy The union sent us? and I also have been telling the people at work the same thing I still am not sure what it means I can tell you one thing I dont trust big brown and after reading our supp. Central States I think Hoffa sold us out.Dont get me wrong I am a third gen. Teamster. I didnt vote for Hoffa but he is in charge and I have Central States supported him but dont trust him .If we get stuck with this thing it will be for 6 years I dont think Feeders will disapear but if feederdryver is correct we will have more contractors less feeders less package car drivers less hub and yes less management.
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    "and yes less management."

    Hey maybe this is a good thing afterall![​IMG]