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    I have a tour Tuesday as a Mechanic for UPS i was just wondering how it is to work as a mechanic for UPS. i have always wanted to work for ups since i have become a mechanic. i was wondering if any one would disclose rate of pay and how over all job is.
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    welcome here. i'm not a mechanic but want to say how important you guys are to us.
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    There are a few mechanics on here now. U should get a knowledgeable answer soon.
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    You can google search for the contract that covers mechanics. That will give you the pay rate.
  5. browntruckmechanic

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    Depending on contract language. Here in the southern region you will start at 70% of top pay rate till you make seniority, then you will go to 75% for the rest of the year, in the second year will go to 80%, in the third yr would be 90% till you finally reach top pay. health, vision, and dental insurance after 90 days. Expect to work nights for 10-15 yrs. Commercial drivers license is required to work on tractor units due to need the ability to drive off property if needed. Here in Texas a State Inspector license is required.

    Now on to the other part of your question. be prepared for some of the dumbest decisions to be made from mngt, just remember to work as directed no matter how dumb, unless the safety of the public comes into question. If you feel the vehicle is not safe for the public roads. Red tag it for safety, the safety card trumps mngt card every time. Remember mngt will not be the one going to jail for YOU​ putting a unsafe vehicle on the road.
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    Develop some really thick skin!!

    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian

    In my area you get 80% of scale until you make seniority. Be prepared to see very little sunlight. If you really cherish your personal time with your family you should think hard before you accept.
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    thanks for all the comments, i am not really what to expect during the tour, i currently have my cdl class a in new york state and inspection license and ase certified as a master mechanic but i think that is just a bunch of bull anyway just a piece of paper in my eyes. i am pretty thick skinned i dont let to much bother me, do the mechanics do everything from R&R engine to changing lights or is a lot of work farmed out. i dont like farming stuff out i like to do just about everything in house as long as it is cost effective
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    You will need to be able to recite these two phrases from memory:

    "Parts on Order"

    "OK/Safe to Run"
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    They do not use the word safe in my building. They write "ok to run"
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    For the not safety related items our mechanics write "checked" or "noted".
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    What building where will you be hired? I ask because you may be a teamster or a machinist. The pay scales and requirements are different. Where I am (machinist) it's a 2 year progression start at 80% of mech rate. Current mech rate here is $32.10 journeyman is $32.78. Like brown said nights for 10-15 years and get use to having no parts in stock. Some places won't let you see overtime and others not a problem. And most importantly do not let them talk you into supervision. Do your 30 and get the hell out!!!!
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    The latest at our building is a set amount of $ is set aside per month for part orders. When it is used up the truck sits until a new cycle and they order the parts. So now its no we cant even order parts rather than the old parts are on order. Be prepared to be a macguyver as you will need to be abel to fix most everything.
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    jackburton that is funny, i will be at the vestal, ny facility, i take it ups doenst offer any training on vehicles, training on vehicles is almost needed now a days because some problems could be fixed with reflashing of pcms, do they use lifts or do you have to do everything off a creeper? i currently work for a city with state beenies but will be maxed at 21.98 it is also teamsters
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    In my Hub, Orlando Florida, everything is done off creepers and jacks. There apparently is an in house "diagnostic" similar to alldata.
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    The buildings that had lifts were taken out 25 years ago. Way to many problems. How does anything get fixed with a set amount of funds for the month. That is nuts!!! I guess depending on the size of the building that could fly. But for larger buildings no way! What union will you be in?
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    had my first interview today and a HR lady talked to me about the company and gave me information about working for UPS, I am just wondering what the second interview entails and she said i would have to take a dot physical and road if my license is all clear which it is. if they pick me for employment that is. she also said UPS puts in 7 dollars per hour i work into a pension thats awesome. i also dont have to pay a premium for health insurance thats a raise in itself. any other input would be helpful
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    The next interveiw should be with the auto manager or supervisor. They will give you the basic day by day operation of the shop and what will be expected from you. Only believe half of what you will hear. Nothing is as rosey as they will make it sound. If you get hired come in do your 8 and leave. Don't come in and be superman and rush through job's, take your time try to keep your road calls to a minimum and stay out of shop politics. With that being said you will be fine and in 30 years you collect a sweet pension and will be giving a newbie the same advice I just gave you. You never said what union you will be in. Good luck.....
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    As the top hand once told me on that first day. " They are going to pay you $5.00 an hour to work on there trucks, the rest is to put up with the their BS "