average age of UPS workers?


for handlers?

i was just curious, does it vary? mainly for handlers, im in my mid 20's and for some reason i expect to be working with 18/19 yr olds right out of highschool. or at the very least college students. is that a fair assumption? or are there older package handlers? thanks for your help

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The average age of all the 49 year old UPSers is 49. Likewise all the 48 year olds average out to 48...etc...etc...etc...


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Im almost half of a century. EEEGAAD, I never thought I would be getting OLD. Now that Ive faced that awful thought, I think Ill have a nightcap. :w00t:I would say the avg driver in my center is 35, and the avg ptimer is 28.


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I'm 38, been there for 20 years. 8 part time and 12 full time. I am right in the middle as far as age goes. In FT senority, I'm 14th out of 26. Our oldest driver is 61, and the youngest is 21


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32, just getting started. I work next to another pre-loader who is 52 with thirty four years in the company. He makes 27.41 an hour and earns every penny. Every time he complains, I say, at least your not making 9.50. This always cheers him up!


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Im 7 in dogs years and very ready to turn this job over to a younger pup so you young dogs root for that 25 and out with 2500 at any age and Im out of here.