Avoiding Overtime Losses

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    This is an interesting article posted on the news page. Do any of you have an opinion when overtime for management should start? After 11 hrs each day? Maybe after 50 hrs each week? I hope the DOL changes in language have a positive effect. It's gotten so bad, I've been "asked" to 'come in for a few hours' on vacations and weekends! There is always that baiting of 'we'll get you a few days off', that never comes.
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    "To be sure, some companies may be inflating titles to cut costs. UPS, for example, "was clearly taking advantage of part-time supervisors by making them work extra hours week after week and then claiming they were exempt and not entitled to overtime pay," alleges Debra Hurst, attorney for the nearly 6,000 UPS supervisors involved in the case. While admitting no wrongdoing, the company has since changed its practices to pay the supervisors additional wages for extra hours."

    Sounds like a winning lottery # for for some.
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    I know a manager that worked 80+ hours last week.

    I realize our (mine and his) jobs are very different, but Im toast after 45 hours. How the heck does his boss expect him to be 100% during a week like that?
  4. upsdude,it sounds like the manager you know might be interested in the article.
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