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    hi i am new to brown cafe but not new to ups i was a seasonal pkg car driver for three june through dec seasons and was supposed to be given a full time position after peak of 04 but was diagnosed with RA in dec of 04 was told because of my RA i would no longer be getting job or brought back for another season as a temp, well i had to get a lawyer and i will be going back as a full time driver in january of 08. i am concerned that they may follow me around and find some way of getting rid of me, i just want to do my job and get on with my career, what do you guys think my chances are for getting a fair chance at having a career without problems, just looking for opinions, thank you
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    First what is RA? Welcome back and I hope you do well as a driver. They may keep you under the magnifing glass and keep close watch on you at first,but if you do your job the way you are trained and be safe you should be fine. After awhile they will find more important things to do and you will be old news.
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    backinbrown respect my authority

    thank you RA rheumatoid arthritis i should do fine just keep my nose clean and follow my methods, i just worry about what happens if i cant do 150 stops a day if my rheumatoid acts up the contract says something about taking into consideration persons physical ability or something like that, i am really looking forward to going back but am nervous about it also.
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    Does anyone know what that really means in the contract about taking into consideration a persons physical ability? anyone no anybody in my situation or a similar one im planning on doing my job very well and working hard just like i did before i got rheumatoid arthritis but what if i cant do as much as i used to should i worry about my job?
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    Did your lawyer get you designated as covered by the Americans With Disabilities Act?

    See also these references in the Contract:

    Article 14, Section 3:
    The Parties agree to abide by the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Company shall be required to negotiate with the Local Union prior to providing a reasonable accommodation to a qualified bargaining unit employee. Etc.

    Article 36:
    The Employer and the Union agree not to discriminate against any individual . . .

    Article 37, Section 1(a):
    The Employer will treat employees with dignity and respect at all times, which shall include, but not be limited to, giving due consideration to the age and physical condition of the employee.
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    yes i fall under that catagory like i said i hope i have no problems at all but worried what happens if i do have problems i dont want them to say i cant do whats expected of me and then have a reason to fire me
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    backinbrown respect my authority

    ill do the best i can im sure ill be fine idont know what i expected people to say just wanted to vent a little bit thanks for the imput anyone else have any thoughts
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    I work with people who are junkies, potheads, alcoholics, neatness freaks; etc. So what's the big deal with RA ?
    Bottom line you show up on a regular basis, do the work, kiss their asses = no problem. You get a lifetime job.
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    jess, I've heard that RA can cause a lot of pain. You've got courage and strength to pursue driving!

    Two things come to mind that could put a krink in your driving. One is medication, do you take anything that would hamper your ability to drive? DOT can be very strict about that. My husband was taking Elavil at night for pain and DOT said he couldn't drive on that dosage so he had to cut back on how much he takes.

    Also, being a temp, are you in the union yet? If not, I fear the contract won't cover you as far as age and physical condition.

    Not sure about the disability act but I'm rooting for you! Have never seen anyone with obvious disability at my center but do know that older folks and those who just don't perform well are not pushed as much as others. UPS is high profile and it's in their interest to accomodate people, at least I feel that way. Sadly, they are a "numbers" company and greed often gets in the way of common decency.

    No matter what, keep your cool and stay safe. Don't ever put your health or physical well being at risk for any company! And keep in mind that you're a worthwhile human being no matter what your physical condition. If UPS doesn't work out it just means there is something better out there for you. Keep in touch, stick around here and let us know how you're doing!
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    Prescription plan covers Enbril...
    Tough thing with that is finding the right dosage to avoid getting lots of sinus infections.
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    wow you guys are great here the mediation i am on is ok with dot i did have to give up my pain medication though they had to give me my fulltime job so i am union and happy to be. i have a great shop steward who i am very confident will be there for me if needed, i know how management can be with numbers and all i can do is the best i can if i do have troubles i will just make sure i call in and then its up to them i dont want special treatment but i worked hard as a temp for three years and desearve this job and the pay and benefiets for my family, i will keep the best attitude i can, and do one stop at a time. thanks for the support
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    hate to tell you but not good, ask attorney to see class-action suit against ups for ada