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    So...I may be printing this out on heavy paper and posting it at work on 4/29.


    In order to expedite the payment of all retro-pay checks; notice of payment request need to be filed on or before 4/26/2019. Please be patient with us while we work diligently to process these.

    You now have the option to donate all of your retro-pay to The United Way! In order to assist those who wish to give generously, we will be automatically donating the checks of those who do not file by 4/26/2019.


    How to submit your notice of payment request:

    Through The Mail:
    66 N. Dutch Valley Rd. Bennett CO 80102

    Log into

    Over The Phone:

    *The number Rickrolls you.
    *The address is for Longhopes Donkey Shelter

    I couldn't figure out how to upload it as an image. Help is requested

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    Scared me
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    How heavy of paper will you use ?
  5. Upsgal72

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    I was like wth? lolz Good one!
  6. CoffeeStainedUniform

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    Heavy enough to look "official"
  7. just chillin'

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    i just lost a half hour of my life pokin 'round in that donkey website
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    Lol their adapt a donkey program is funny, but the pick they use to the right of that is priceless.
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  11. Mugarolla

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    Glad to help.
  12. CoffeeStainedUniform

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    It worked out awesome! Got a few people and haven't gottem written up yet (fingers crossed)