Contract details that we have so far and highlights if any..


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Round 1:
* No real details here.

Round 2
* Certain Articles were discussed but no details.
  • Article 3, Section 7, Supervisors Working;
  • Article 6, Technological Change;
  • Article 37, Harassment, 8-Hour Requests and 9.5 language;
  • Article 26, SurePost.
Round 3: Teamsters Make Further Progress During Third Round of UPS Contract Negotiations
* Certain articles were discussed but no specific details.
  • Article 12, Polygraph/Timeclocks; dealing with members’ rights to receive copies of ODS messages;
  • Article 17, Paid For Time; dealing with members’ ability to review hours and rates of pay as well as confirmation and identification of grievance payments;
  • The Committee introduced a proposal dealing with Hours of Service for Package Drivers;
  • The Committee made further progress on Article 37, Section 1A, Harassment;
  • The Committee continued its discussion on the work week; a supplemental issue that the National Committee is coordinating.
Round 4:
* Lots of articles discussed but no details

Article 6 – Technology and Discipline;
Article 14 – Temporary Alternate Work;
Article 15 – Military Leave – spousal transfers;
Article 16 – Maternity Leave;
Article 17 – Paid For Time; dealing with members’ ability to review hours and
rates of pay as well as confirmation and identification of grievance
Article 18 – Building Heat and Distracted Drivers;
Article 29 – Funeral Leave;
Article 35 – Drug and Alcohol Testing;
Article 37 – Overtime; and,
Article 43 – Delay Time and Extensions and Diversions of Runs

Round 5: Fifth Week of UPS Negotiations Highlights Excessive Overtime, Harassment, CDL Requirements
* An update with a lot of details with specific improvements to Article 37.

So far the negotiations have focused on the union’s proposals. The Teamsters
and the company have reached tentative agreements on many proposals,
including articles 3.1, 3.3, 3.7, 6.4, 8.7, 12, 17 and 37.

The Safety and Health Committee has reached tentative agreements on Articles
14, Sections 1 and 2; Article 16, Section 4; Article 18, Sections 1, 3, 6, 18.1, 21
and (new section) 28; Article 20, Section 4; Article 35, Section 3.3; and Article
44, Section 1 and 2.

On Article 37, the union has made significant improvements to Sections (a)
harassment, (b) eight-hour days and (c) over 9.5.

On Article 37, Section (a), the tentative agreement will create a new Article 37
National Committee to deal with harassment. The new committee will have a
sitting arbitrator to break deadlocks. The committee will have contractual
authority to award a monetary penalty of up to three days pay depending on the
severity of the offense. The new language would also require any member of
management deemed by the committee to have committed two or more
violations in a two year period to appear in person before the committee for any
subsequent grievance(s).

Under the Article 37 (b) tentative agreement, if UPS fails to adjust a driver’s
dispatch to comply with this section, the driver will receive the current two hour
penalty and also retain the eight hour request for later use.

On the Article 37 (c) tentative agreement, the drivers will no longer need to wait
for a violation to get on the 9.5 list or go to the manager to get on the list. The
union will collect the names of drivers who want to be on the 9.5 list and provide
those names to management in January and June. In addition, a driver may elect
to add or remove their names to the list at ANY TIME during the two five month
periods, with one week's notice to UPS.

Finally, the provision dealing with repeated violations has also been significantly
improved. The current language triggers a review by UPS and the union after
three violations in a five month period and a higher level of review after any
subsequent violation in that same five month period. The new language removes
the first level review and triggers the higher-level review after four violations in a
calendar year, which will expedite that process.

Round 6: UPS Contract Negotiations Update, April 13, 2018
* Some details specific to feeders but not much info.

Round 7:
* Not much info.

Round 8:
* Nothing really specific just the strike vote.

Final Round
: Teamsters UPS National Negotiating Committee Reaches Settlement in Principle on National Master UPS Agreement
* Details of hybrid and raises.

There is a meeting scheduled for July 9–12 for any Supplemental Agreements to
the NMA that remain unresolved. As of this update there are several supplements
that need to be finalized.

Once these Supplements are resolved there will be a meeting of all local unions
known as the “two-person committee” (two officers and/or agents from each Local
Union representing UPS) to review the tentative agreement.

The specific language on all proposed changes to the NMA and the supplements
will then be sent to the membership for review and vote. Voting will be by
electronic balloting, using the same procedure as the strike authorization vote.
Members should also take the time to review the previous nine weekly updates
for information on non-economic language improvements.


Gone Fish'n
Tenth round is where we go for the KO on this contract. Send these boys back to training camp, come back when you can present something that doesn’t look like Joe Glass.


Knowledge is key, Experience is power.
Looks like they tried to sell article 37 and the raises but other than that I guess we have to wait and see. Also, there's no breakdown of the articles to speculate because we don't know what changes were made.