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    Hey diesel, I watched all your videos as I was curious and the one from 9/11 is the one that touched me. Before 9/11 I was just slugging along. That day I watched the sky as I walked in business after business and saw this unfold on TVS. Before 9/11 I didnt know what the World trade center was, as I had never been to NYC, had no desire to go where there was traffic, and too uninterested to understand what wall street was.
    I saw the plane that eventually crashed into the pentagon, it did a big uey over my house, and over the town I was working in.
    After that day I have my radio on every day. I learned alot from listening to talk radio, the daily show the colbert report, anything I could listen to I did.
    When I saw that you posted that video, I cant understand why we are opposite ends in our views.
    But on the lobster thing, it made me laugh. I had a child psych class, and I brought in a lobster. When it was right side up, the kids would touch it and pet it and when I turned it upside down they all ran coz they were scared of the way it looked underneath.
    So I guess, I see things from the way they look underneath. Barack looks real nice on first glance, but as you hear what hes about, it scares me.
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    Diesel...I could do a search on the video toonertoo mentioned above.

    People are starting to forget 9/11 is to important to forget.
    Please post it again.

    Thank you and God Bless the United States of America.

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    Its the you tube video on his signature line, it still works
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    And just when we thought there were more than enough words in the English language -






    What next?
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    Comrade Barack
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    With You on the Earnhardt thing. I still cry. My buddy also lost his wife within two weeks of Dale, it was like a month of tears.
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    Well since you posted Jon Stewart's video and it was good, I've got one as equally good and your introduction below was so perfect, I thought I'd use it again on this Stewart masterpiece!

    Drum roll please!

    And what is the American voter doing during all of this?


    I figured it worked once so I'll use it again!
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    :happy-very: good video.....hard to argue......Advisors or supporters???? Sounds like the military brass is doing the talking.....

    It feels like I'm the dog running circles around you and your the cat, in the end you try to sneak up on me with a
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    :happy-very: Let's just hope with all this dog/cat thing and running in circles we push the envelope and we get our country back and it becomes again the good nation it was intended to be. All things aside, I think we both want that!


    BTW: I about fell out when Jon screamed Mother #$%@^& and the balloons started going back up. That was just hilarious.
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    just sitting back watching the liberal love fest.:peaceful:
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    I'd rather be at a 'love fest' than be involved with the party of hate.
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    Thats an interesting response. Little grade schoolish but interesting none the less. Kind of like you're trying to believe that there is such a thing as love and hate in politics.

    I suppose your partys all out attack on Sarah Palin and her family members was some type of act of love? Your party felt that Sarahs Palins underage daughter needed to be attacked and embarassed because you loved her?

    I hope some of what I am saying to you is sinking in because I think you need to totally revisit your thoughts on love and hate and politics.
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    Love and hate barely enter in. Take and rape is more like it.
    Rape the man/woman who has excelled and survived, take all they have made to help someone who has done nothing. We all need to be the same.

    Just one example. The plan sucks
    Yes Im sick of Joe also, but it portrays the plan, and I would have thought it would have brought his campaign to its knees, but no one was listening. Except those who thought "yes we should all have the same"
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    Why is it that all of America knows all of Joe's life ( including sealed court records ) , yet our current president's past is still unknown ?
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    Recession is when your neighbor loses his job.

    Depression is when you lose yours.

    And recovery is when Obama loses his.
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    Pretty amazing isnt it?
    And then we got to see him and plugs go out for a burger. And they call it news. The sad thing is some people are interested.
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    Amen, Amen, Amen
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    I'm saving this as one of my favorite quotes. :laughing: