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    I had an estimator/salesman from Bathfitter at my house this afternoon. I remodeled the bathroom a few years ago but at that time the tub/shower was OK. It is now time for an update. I chose Bathfitter because they say that they will design a one piece unit that will fit over your existing tub/shower. Well, turns out this isn't always the case--seems they don't like to install these over acrylic showers as the acrylic will not hold up the weight of the new unit. The plan is to remove the existing tub/shower, strip the sheetrock to the studs in the affected area, install green board and then install the unit, trim, caulk and seal. They claim they can do all of this in one day for $4,000 for the unit that I picked. It would be about $4,700 if I had them replace all of the fixtures and mixing valve. There is nothing wrong with the mixing valve, other than it is not anti-scald, and I can always pick up new fixtures at Lowes and install them myself.

    They do offer a 10% "same day order" discount if I were to sign a contract and give a deposit today. I declined as I plan on using my tax refund to pay for the work in either February or March 2012. I don't think the price will change all that much in 4-6 months and have a feeling they will offer the 10% discount again as it will still be the slow season.

    I was wondering if anyone here has ever had any work done by or know someone who has had work done by Bathfitter and, if so, how did you feel about the work that they did? I went online and read some of the reviews and it was about 50/50. The salesman did have a list of references and I knew many of the names on the list; in fact, 4 or 5 of them live on my area.

    I would appreciate any and all feedback on Bathfitter. Thanks.
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    You're almost half way there!
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    How bigs your bathroom that your redoing?
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I'm just redoing the tub/shower area. 32" X 72" X 82"
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    Do it big.

    Get rid of the tub and make the shower "accessible".

    While you're still young - make it two person accessible for good clean fun.
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    I would call the references in your area and maybe they'd let you come see the actual work.
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    I actually think I have 37% of all the posts made on the Browncafe since it's inception!!
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    Is that what More's post count will be by Saturday???
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    It's so refreshing to see someone that embraces the pure joy of life!
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    Check Bathfitter reviews on Google. Showing good and bad
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    That's exactly what I did when I built my home in 1989.
    Guess we were ahead of the curve.

    I planned on getting old and installed 3ft doors in all interior door ways for easy wheelchair access.
    Also, I installed 2" by 6" supports between the studs in all the bathrooms for easier installation of future handrail support if needed in the future.
    $4,700 is an excellent price for one day service.
    I know the constraints of time and ability, but in one week end you could strip that bathroom to the studs and save some labor costs.
    One thing that is not in their quote is "hidden damage" behind the walls and under the floor.
    Hopefully, that will not be part of your equation.
    I strongly suggest that you are there looking over their shoulders during the one day job.
    Best of luck.

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    I worked at Bath Fitter before UPS. I'd recommend against them. If you're getting a one piece insert over your existing unit you are really just covering up a problem with something that looks nice. If you are getting your old stuff ripped out and something new put in you're better off finding an experience contractor. So much of the end quality depends on who they send out to you and how much experience they have. Without trying to sound like a bitter ex employee I was really under trained. I had no reno experience when I started and I was sent out on my own after 2 weeks.

    However, if you do decide to go with them remember the price is definitely negotiable. Don't be afraid to walk away from their first offer. That 10% and more is still there for you.
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    Did you call Beagle Builders out of Bristol? They are bath remodelers in the area, also. Trying to constructively use my time, don'tchya know.:wink2:
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    I have decided to do a cosmetic face lift rather than a renovation. Caulk, paint, new drain plate, shower head, shower handle plate. I worry about what they would find when they start ripping out the sheetrock and would rather not open that can of worms. Besides, I don't think Dave Ramsey would think too highly of me spending $4K or more on a bathroom re-do that is simply cosmetic.

    I have read the reviews online and that is part of the reason that I am hesitant.

    Thanks to all who gave helpful advice. Dave.
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    I`ll come out and redo your shower with tile over cement board, new tub,new fixtures, new pipe in the bathroom. Hell, I could probably redo the whole bath for that much.
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    Try a bath tub refinisher, my brother did that once for a livin g, and today he still swears by it.
    He didn't like the refitters, either. Losuy job, and like someone said, it doesn't get rid of the problem, plus in time the refitted tub seems to crack, plus ofcourse you lose tub space, too.

    Refinishing is cheaper and better.