Battery Fires on Planes Spur New Proposals

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    Battery Fires on Planes Spur New Proposals - Wall Street Journal

    Experts Recommend Inserting Cooling Agents Between Power Packs, Lowering Electrical-Charge Levels

    The recommendations are slated to be considered later this month by a decision-making group of ICAO. The focus is on bulk shipments of batteries or power packs, not batteries carried by individual passengers. A final decision and implementation could take years.

    Lithium batteries have been implicated in intense, quickly spreading fires that brought down two jumbo freighters—and ravaged another big cargo jet on the ground—during the past eight years. Investigators from the United Arab Emirates determined that a United Parcel Service Inc. Boeing 747 crashed in Dubai in 2010, killing both pilots, after a fire started in a section of the main deck containing lithium batteries and other combustible materials. Less than three minutes after the initial warning to the crew, flight controls were severely damaged. The cockpit quickly filled with so much smoke that the pilots couldn’t monitor their instruments, change radio frequencies or see anything inside or outside.