BBDO, FedEx 'Relax'

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    BBDO, FedEx 'Relax'

    Fine-tuning its strategy to portray FedEx as a delivery service that offers peace of mind, Omnicom's BBDO on Thursday launches a campaign introducing the tagline, "Relax, it's FedEx."

    That line replaces "Don't worry. There's a FedEx for that,"

    "This campaign represents a major step in telling the full FedEx story with broadcast spots that feature not only our FedEx Express and FedEx Ground units, but also the first spots for FedEx Freight and FedEx Home Delivery," said Brian Philips, FedEx vice president of U.S. marketing, in a statement.
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    High energy in FedEx 'Relax' ads

    BBDO/New York has been doing advertising for client FedEx for 14 years, so it's reasonably safe to assume the agency has a solid understanding of the shipping giant's business philosophy, which we're told--in a nutshell--is delivering peace of mind to tens of thousands of customers who need materials delivered fast and on time.

    ...this new FedEx campaign, filled as it is with sharply drawn characters spouting edgy, downright funny copy.

    There is an energy about the performances, too, that makes the characters seem ready to explode out of the screen. This is especially apparent in the aptly titled "Drama," the best of the eight spots. The characters here do a fine job of mimicking the style of hammy Shakespearean actors. The spot opens with two guys discussing how they must get a sheaf of papers to Houston tomorrow or they will be doomed. No, not just doomed, but DOOOOOOOOOMMMED!!!!!!

    The rest of the spot plays off that heightened style of enunciation as the guys spar among themselves and with another woman who resists entering into their melodramatic frenzy. Then comes the final bit of voiceover copy that neatly ties all the schticky shenanigans to FedEx: "You can try, but we've taken all the drama out of shipping overnight."
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    I've said this before...UPS needs ads which feed viewers, not make them think. In my humble opinion ups ads make people think too much. the average chronic tv watching joe/jane can't think. they need to be entertained. Lighten up the ups ads.
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    The UPS ads are targeted for the thinking person. The one who weighs all the options and makes the intelligent decision based on their needs. It's the top, and mid level person, in an organization who thinks about a situation and decides accordingly. That's who the ads are geared toward.
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    ups vette,

    I agree with you but in many companies the shipping clerk makes the decision on which carrier to use. Generally, he is not a deep thinker. Yes, I do realize UPS is more than a deliverer of packages these days but that is still the mainstay of the business.