Be Prepared for Slow Times Ahead

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    Not only was ths pig with the new dress the first to jump out with a rate increase but we are at the same time positioning ourselves with potential new customers as the higher priced choice. Now this would make sense if say we actually did anything better like got there quicker, damaged less freight, stood behind our guarantees, had lower/fewer accessorial charges or had great customer service.

    Let me explain why things will get worse.We are slower, in fact not only are we slower to get there but if we got the there the same day we will probably deliver the shipment between 12-4 as no terminal launches drivers early. We are not consistent either and latest on time service states we are around 96% on time. Let me explain 96%, that is after each and every hub adds a day service to just about every shipment. In a real world honest calculation we are closer to being on time somewhere in the mid to high 80's. Our famous "No Fee Guarantee" is not worth the paper we promote it on. We have more outs than a 15 inning baseball game and if the customer can collect and does often we will excuse the account from future collection of said guarantee. Our claims, do I need to tell anyone how bad this really is compared to other carriers? Not only is it horrible but we refuse to handle freight FedEx, Conway and other good competitors haul because we deem it "ugly" which is to say we can't handle it on a good day. What is lost on management is that for some reason everyone else can handle it and handle it well. Finally we get to accessorial charges. The fraudulent little dirty secret of UPS. The class action lawsuit can't be far behind these draconian fees that make Bank of America seem like a white knight. We add new fees all the time and apply them without just cause daily. We have service centers that add liftgate charges to all residential deliveries regardless if needed. Thousands of customer have left BOA over a proposed $5 a month fee. How do you think our customers feel when charged $93 for limited access? Have you ever looked into that fee? By our rules tariff it can be applied to any shipment.

    All this to say be prepared for slow days ahead. The operators run the company and have no idea how to take care of customers. When a company screws it employees it will screw the customer and vice versa. Customer service was farmed out to the Philippines. Yes the Philippines. Why? My guess the company is scared of union office employees. Secondly we really as stated earlier could not give a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: about customers. Third, well management is ignorant and apathetic. Let me also remind you YRC has somewhat stopped the bleeding. I am not saying they have righted the ship but they are on the right track. They are due to recapture some of that business we picked off of them over the last 3 years. Plus, they are marketing their focus on customer service, one of our many weaknesses.

    UPS Freight Richmond's general philosophy "If not for the union, customers, sales people and office workers this company would be great to work for".
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    You hit the nail squarely on the head with this post.
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    We are DEAD at my terminal. By far the slowest Ive ever seen it. Scary times.

    We are turning down freight, refusing to pick up freight because "we dont have enough drivers" even though there are 10 city drivers laid off and more not working....BUT we get our uniforms inspected every morning.

    Shine your shoes, dont dare let a tiny little shadow grow on your face! Heres the keys to your 20 year old blue tractor. Remember, its all about image!

    This company is sickening. Its a circus and Im 90% sure we will have our doors shut within 10 years.

    And I work at a big terminal by the way.