Been working for UPS want to transfer or just apply

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    Hi all

    I've been working for UPS as a Air and Ground package handler for around 6 months (hired during peek then rehired).
    I work at worldport and I travel 30 miles each way to work (almost not worth it). I noticed on the UPS jobs website that they have a opening at a SCS in
    Elizabethtown,ky . So I tried to apply online no luck says I have to ask a sup, so I do they go to tell me that I'm not allowed to apply at all or transfer unless for school, or I have to quit because its not the same district.

    But what I'm wondering if anyone knows if theres anyway to possibly do this.Because I don't find it right that they'll give a job to a person off the street than someone thats been working for them could have that jobs thats closer to home.
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    Your sup was right--since you are not going or planning on going to school, your only option is to quit and then reapply at the new location. The only problem is that if you do quite you are very likely to get a negative rehire status.
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    I know of 2 people in the past year who have successfully transferred using the clause in the contract which allows a transfer for school/educational purposes. Simply sign up for a class at a local Community College after requesting the transfer. Center Manager was of no help, go straight to your Human Resources Manager. In one of the cases I am aware of, a friend of mine did just this and signed up for an on line class. Good Luck.