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    I have decided leave to UPS after year+ as a PT Supervisor. What I am wondering is how long do my health benefits last after I quit and how do I cash out or transfer my 401 K?

    Thanks in advance for the reply's.
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    transfer directly from 401k to either an ira or roth ira so you don't have to pay taxes and penalties. I suggest the Vanguard group of mutual funds because of the very low fees. use an index fund like the S and P 500.

    as of health bennies someone else will need to give you that answer. you could call the customer service number on your medical card.
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    Why are you leaving? Tell the truth now
  4. Baba gounj

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    Never cash out .
    Always use an electronic transfer .
    The tax penalties are huge .
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    Your benefits terminate immediately upon date of leaving UPS.
    As others have said, if possible, do not cash out your 401k.
    As an aside, if you have a loan against your 401k, it must be paid off in full upon termination of your employment.

    Now, back yo your question ... contact the 401k plan via phone 1-800-541-6154 or Internet -

    Th above is from my last UPS 401k Savings Plan statement. Check yours to ensure your contact info is the same.