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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by dieselman, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. dieselman

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    Alright here is the just of everything,

    1. WHERE do you find training policies?

    2. WHERE do you find what union you belong to?

    3. WHERE do you find when you are eligible for benefits?

    4. WHERE do you find out about an ORGANIZAtional CHART?

    I work in California, Central Coast, as a package handler. I do not want to be told to ask, because I have. I even went on line and registered and got into UPSer's. I ASKED about getting an UPS email address AND went on line to get one, now my Supervisor is supposed to OK it, but he does not know what the heck is going on.

    I want THE answers in BLACK & WHITE, yet I do not find anything, nor when asking do I get a correct answer.

    ANY suggestions? Believe me, I will DO what ever to get some straight answers.
  2. dillweed

    dillweed Well-Known Member

    Training policies are probably tucked away in a supervisor's bible. Don't plan on getting hold of them.

    You must have a union steward in your building - seek him/her out and ask what local you're in. Heck, ask the guy working next to you.

    Benefits? Again, union steward should have them. Or ask your center manager. If you're wondering when insurance will kick in call the insurance company directly. Nag your center manager until you are given the info.

    Organizational chart? Not a clue.

    For some reason it's not always easy to get straight answers from UPS. Sups are busy, they run off or get hollared at for an urgent question. Follow them. Stalk them. Question them until you get your answers.
  3. dieselman

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    Believe it or not, the training policies ARE accessible if you have an email from UPS, AND you log on from UPS. Not sure if they have a portal for UPS business.

    HOWEVER, nagging the supervisor is not the way either. LABOR LAW and our UNION, should insure that this material is in BLACK and WHITE.

    NEXT, my UNION steward gave me the wrong answer. SEEMS package handlers are eligible from DAY 1 for their health benefits, but he said not for 6 months. HE does not know the dang policies either. NO one at work knows and they all are looking at each other like whaaaaa?????

    Sorry, this crap IS and SHOULD BE in black and white, accessible for our people to get a hold of.

    WHERE IS THE UNION?????????????????

    I am from the Midwest, and very union, but here in CALIFORNIA, the union is selling us out. EVEN with the CSU workers, the union is selling them out. WHAT do we do?

    I think it is time for the UNION to step up. The members will back the union, but if they are properly informed.

    NOW, as a package handler, the benefits were dated back over 5 months ago???? What good does that do me know, other than make a night mare with paper work for the county benefits I needed when I got sick....

    I am grateful for the job, grateful that I found out I have benefits, FINALLY, due to my wife's digging and knowledge of HR. BUT, why is this :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: so hard to get a hold of?

    WHERE are the lawyers concerning this???????

    IF we all knew our rights, we would stand strong together.

    Does anyone know where we can get a written policy of this crap?
  4. dillweed

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    I understand your frustration. You might try the 800 hotline to the top dogs. I don't have the number but I've seen it posted here. It should also be posted on a bulletin board at your center.

    You'll speak with an impartial individual who merely takes information and passes it on. Let them know that management refuses to give you straight answers about your benefits.

    Only other suggestion is to hire an attorney on your own.
  5. feeder53

    feeder53 ADKtrails

    The only place I have seen this is an electronic copy on a UPS computer that I was tacking training on.
  6. grami72

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    Do you really think you need a lawyer to find out what Union you are in, or if you eare covered by benefits? Maybe you could get a written policy of this "crap" from DHL or FDX. Give it a try.
  7. filthpig

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    The next time you see a package car driver or feeder driver (someone in browns) who looks like he's older than 40 introduce yourself and ask him what local you're in and where the union hall is located. There should be a "Union Board" somewhere fairly conspicuous with this info on it as well.